Grand Hotel Luncheon Buffet and Self-Guided Tour - Hotel
Grand Hotel Luncheon Buffet and Self-Guided Tour - Food
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The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI

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Mackinac Island is the epitome of classical elegance and historical significance, and no hotel on the island better captures the intangible spirit of Mackinac Island than the Grand Hotel. Ever since 1887 the Grand Hotel has been impressing Mackinac Island visitors, and this historic lodging only seems to get better with age. From hosting lectures by Mark Twain in the late 1800's to being showcased in a number of movies, this hotel's legend only seems to grow with time.

Grand Hotel Holds On To The Formal Values Of Yesteryear

While much of the modern world has taken a turn towards overt casualness, the Grand Hotel holds on to the framework of old world values the same way Mackinac Island is speckled with beautiful Victorian-style architecture. One such sample of this romantic notion is in the policy of formal wear being required of all guests in all areas of the hotel during dinner. This means a coat and tie for the men, and dresses for the women.

The Grand Hotel Is Immortalized In Film

Although the Grand Hotel had been involved in various motion pictures throughout the history of film, it wasn't until the movie Somewhere In Time, starring Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour, was released that the Grand Hotel really got the movie star treatment it deserves. In fact, the hotel itself could be thought to be the third star of the film. The majority of the movie takes place in the Grand Hotel as Reeves' character attempts to come in contact with a dead actress (played by Seymour) whose portrait is featured in the lobby of the Grand Hotel.

Grand Hotel's Distinctive Facts & Features

As early stated, the Grand Hotel claims to have the longest front porch in the world, and it certainly is something to behold. Stretching to 660 feet and covered with thousands of flowers, the Grand Hotel front porch is a beautiful and focal part of the Mackinac Island social setting.

Five U.S. Presidents have uncovered the magic of the Grand Hotel. These prestigious guests include Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

The Grand Hotel has been involved in a number of movies, including This Time For Keeps (1949) and Somewhere In Time (1980).

Each of the Grand Hotel's 385 rooms are uniquely decorated.

With the immense popularity of the Grand Hotel, it can sometimes be difficult to get a room, but no worry. With a Grand Hotel Grand Luncheon Buffet and Self-Guided Tour, you'll be able to experience all of the sights and elegance of this historical lodging. So, whether or not you can actually find an opening at the Grand Hotel, you'll be able to experience this historic lodging whenever you're on Mackinac Island.

Grand Hotel Luncheon Buffet and Self-Guided Tour
Wow! Superb ambiance and delicious food, a variety of foods we can only dream about. Very attentive personnel . An experience not to be missed.
Denise Charette - Gatineau, Quebec
Grand Hotel Grand Luncheon Buffet and Self-Guided Tour - Mackinac Island, MI
The grand hotel luncheon buffet and self-guided tour was a thrilling experience for my daughter and I. We enjoyed the service giving at the luncheon, and the hotel is just breath-taking, as are the gardens. I would enjoy going again some day.
Gayle Cole - Sherman, NY
Grand Hotel Luncheon Buffet and Self-Guided Tour
Totally loved sitting on the Grand Hotel porch, the art gallery and the Audubon Room. We purchased momentos from the little shops. The appetizers, salads and desserts were the best, you should skip the main courses, great staff. I wish I could have seen a guest room.
Lynn Keelan - Howell, MI
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