Mackinaw City Lumberjack Show

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Mackinaw City Lumberjack Show
Detail Family friendly
Detail This lumberjack show lasts approximately 1 hour.
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
Mackinaw City Lumberjack Show
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See world-class lumberjacks perform incredible feats of strength and skill with the Lumberjack Show Tickets. On your next vacation with the family, take everyone to a fun adventure that you will be talking about for a lifetime. Experience true skill from real lumberjacks as you watch them perform multiple talents right in front of your very eyes.

Head to this incredible show where World Champion Lumberjacks donned in flannel will go head to head and amaze you with their precise skills. Being a lumberjack is no easy feat, and these men will demonstrate the strengths and talents that it takes to earn that title with a 1-hour performance of all of their awesome skills. The competitive lumberjack show is brought to you by Dan McDonough who is a nine-time World Champion in log rolling.

The show features tons of different competitions and demonstrations including:

  • Wood Chopping

    - Watch as two lumberjacks face off head to head in a wood chopping competition! Cheer for your favorite one as they axe away at a wood pillar and get through it faster than their opponent.
  • Wood Sawing

    - Lumberjacks will vs each other to see who can saw through wood the fastest. Root for your favorite lumberjack and see who can saw the fastest!
  • Log Rolling

    - Lumberjacks will face off in a pool of water as they try to balance on top of the rolling log the longest to decide who's the winner in this fun and exciting competition.
  • Speed Climbing

    - Climbing up logs is a special skill that lumberjacks learn, two of these challengers will battle head first up tall wood pillars to reach the top the fastest.
  • Axe Throwing

    - A competitive sport to throw an axe at a target and hit as close to the bullseye as possible, like darts or archery but with a lumberjack touch to it.
  • Boom Running

    - Two competitors start on a dock and start off by running across logs chained together floating on top of the water. This tests the lumberjacks speed and balance for a fast paced competition.
  • Wood Carving

    - Watch skillful artists use axes, chainsaws, and other equipment to make beautiful works of art right in front of your eyes!

Included is a fun comedy skit that the entire family will love, choose your favorite lumberjack during the performance and enjoy cheering and heckling through the entire evening for a family fun adventure on your Michigan vacation!

A Mackinaw City MUST SEE!!!

 5.0   |    1 reviews
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Rita Francis
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"Had a good time "
Had a good time
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Rita Francis
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"Had a good time "
Had a good time
Frequently Asked Questions for Mackinaw City Lumberjack Show:
  • Approximately how long is the Mackinaw City Lumberjack Show?
    The show is approximately 1 hour.
  • What type of parking do you have?
    There is free parking.
  • Is photography & video recording allowed?
    Both photography & video recording is allowed.
  • For what ages is Mackinaw City Lumberjack Show appropriate?
    Attraction is appropriate for all ages.