The Hitchhiker of Highway 365 near Little Rock, AR

Highway 365
Woods on, Arkansas is the setting for a new level of spooky.

The hitchhiker of highway 365 has been giving scares and confusion to travellers for many years. This spooky encounter leaves people wondering if they truly had contact with a ghost, or if it was all in their mind.

A white clad figure is seen on highway 365 when the weather is less than favorable. The girl asks for a ride and offers the driver a specific address. When arrival at the address happens, the girl mysteriously disappears.

This phenomena has been going on for many decades. When drivers inquire as to who the girl is, they are told it is a daughter that died in an accident many decades who. The problem is that the woman who claims to be the mom is far too young.

Arkansas has a rich history that includes a number of haunted attractions. Haunted highways, homes, and even forests are among some of the many attractions available to visitors.

Highway 365 offers the thrill of the haunting hitchhiker. Just down the road from there is Little Rock, and there one will find a plethora of spooky thrills to fill both day and night attractions. Things that go bump in the night will be found throughout the Little Rock area for personal enjoyment and thrills.

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