A Las Vegas Meal Ticket

Where do you think your money goes when you go on a Las Vegas location? Unless you're gambling all the vacation money away, the most likely suspect is the Las Vegas Restaurant. There are so many dining establishments in Las Vegas and world-class cuisine can certainly be tempting. However, there are still ways to cut down on your meal expenses and still not have to go home to microwave-able mush. How about a Las Vegas Meal Ticket package? This purchase would allow you to have all your meal expenses bought and budgeted. Not only does it save you on expense from traveling around to variably priced restaurants; it also saves you time (and possibly gas) in looking for a suitable establishment.

A Las Vegas Meal Ticket takes care of all your meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. This package lets you eat at any of nine restaurant locations in day increments. These nine restaurants are not cheap burger and shake chains. These are nine of the hottest restaurants in the city, and include big names like Planet Hollywood, the NASCAR Café, La Salsa Cantina, Pampas Brazilian Grill, Tacone Flavor Grill, The Sahara Buffet, Jillian's Sports Bar & Video Café, Jackson's Bar & Grill and the San Gennaro Grill.

With a Las Vegas Meal Ticket you don't need reservations and all your meals are bought and paid for . The only other charge is whatever you feel your waiter or waitress is worth! A Las Vegas Meal Ticket pass is available in durations of one day, two days, three days or five days. Are there any limitations to this offer? Only that the ticket is limited to one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner every day that the pass is good for . You simply give your Meal Ticket to servers or hosts and order a free meal according to each day.

You will want to sample all nine restaurants, but in case you're wondering here is a quick rundown of the best restaurant features. Planet Hollywood, good for celebrity sightings, famous memorabilia and all day famous movie clips. The NASCAR Café is an exciting place for sports fans and has giant screens of racing action, authentic stock cars, prize give-a ways and all American food. Caesars Palace is comparable to Planet Hollywood and has a distinctive Hollywood style. Jillian's Las Vegas Sports Bar and Video Café has American food along with large screen TV's, plasma TV's and a video cube wall. The La Salsa Cantina serves great Mexican food and a mean Margarita. The Pampas Brazilian Grille serves food with a distinctive Brazilian flavor. Jackson's Bar and Grill serves American food, along with big-screen sports action and video poker; the Sahara Buffet has a mixture of world foods and is best remembered for its large seating areas and exceptional service. Finally, the Tacone Flavor Grill is where to go for an "artsy" experimental dish, since the restaurant combines the best ingredients from all around the world to create something truly unique.

All of these restaurants are appropriate for all ages and can relieve your financial worries, all the while answering the important question: where should we eat?

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