Landis Valley: A Civil War Village in Lancaster, PA

2451 Kissel Hill Rd.
For the many people in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Landis Valley Museum is the best way to show their history.

 In fact, there are many visitors each year to the Landis Valley Museum.


When a person visits the Landis Valley Museum, there are many things that they will learn. One of the most important being that Landis Valley was actually a Civil War village. Another thing you will learn is that the Landis Valley Museum is not only a German museum, but it is the largest one in Pennsylvania.

You will get to see many of the things that George and Henry Landis (the originators of the museum) collected. In fact, many of the items that are on display are everyday household and farm items from the 18th and 19th century.

Along with all the many artifacts you will view, you will also be able to see many of the buildings, and their structures, that are at the property as well. Some of the buildings include a 1856 hotel, two buildings built of brick anywhere from 1815-1840, two log buildings, and school house dating back to the 1890's. 

For many people that visit the museum, they say the best part of the whole thing is being able to see the re-enactment of the Civil War. At the museum, hundreds gather to re-enact the war including the Union troop movements back in the 1860's. 

What ever you choose to see, it is a great way to step back into history! There is also a museum store in which you can purchase an assortment of items. 

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