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Main Avenue in Erwin near Knoxville, TN

100 South Main Avenue Erwin, TN 37650
Main Avenue in Erwin is a small town located in Tennessee, America. In 2010, the average population of this place was approximately 6,097. As part of the famous Johnson City found in Metropolitan Statistical Area, Main Avenue is known for harboring commercial buildings. Looking at the history of the town, the name Erwin roots from a mail mishap that occurred in 1879. In honor of the owner of the land Mr. Ervin, a man who donated 15 acres for the development of the town, the city became a central business center after being recorded as Erwin.

Interesting Facts

Main Avenue in Knoxville stems from intense Union supporters with William Brownlow being the lead facilitator. The area harbors impressive commercial centers. Since its development in 1792, the town has been the primary dispenser of economic activities in Knoxville. Having been incorporated in 1815, the area has developed into an admirable town that offers several services. From banking institutions, restaurants and boutiques, Main Avenue is a one stop shopping area for residents.


Another interesting fact is the availability of the HGTV cable that has played a pivotal role in enlarging the cable history in Knoxville. It is projected that approximately 84 million households in this area enjoy these services. This is also the home to News Sentinel, a leading media corporation that disseminates critical information through newspapers. Prominent for supplying over 100 pieces daily, Main Avenue in Knoxville is an interesting place to open a business or own a home. The Bush Brothers Company is also found in this town. In summary, Main Avenue in Erwin is a commercial avenue that attracts several businesses and is worth looking into as a potential investment area.

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