Key West and Florida Keys Promotional Offers

Save money and have a blast on your vacation by choosing to book some of these promotional offers for your time in Key West and the Florida Keys. Each of these promotion gives you the opportunity to save money, so you can do more on your vacation. These promotions are only available for a limited time. Make reservations today!
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Key West and Florida Keys Promotions

This cruise around Key West at Conch Harbor Marina is a lot of fun and relaxing because the captain handles everything I just show up and throw on a life jacket and enjoy the sun.
Available 316 days between Now & Aug 31, 2019 View Schedule
Smathers Beach
You and your family will enjoy a bird's eye view of all of Key West's historical landmarks when you book passage on the 5-minute Key West Discovery Flight, covering 7 square miles over both land and beautiful blue ocean waters.
Available 255 days between Now & Jul 1, 2019 View Schedule
Key West visitors will feel as if they've traveled back in time on this informative, thrilling tour of shipwreck treasures with exciting interactive exhibits featuring salvage from Spanish galleons and other historic ships that were sunk in Florida's treacherous waters.
Available 316 days between Now & Aug 31, 2019 View Schedule
You want to have a chance to go fishing on a nice private charter, or you may want a charter to have a party among a few friends who would enjoy almost any occasion and you will all things available to fish.
Available 60 days between Oct 24, 2018 & Dec 31, 2018 View Schedule
Every member of the family, including your dogs, will enjoy a close up encounter with Florida wildlife when you sign up for one of southern Florida's best vacation adventures, Key West Stand Up Paddleboard Rental with optional lesson.
Available 316 days between Now & Aug 31, 2019 View Schedule
Sunset Key
Fly over the vast and beautiful Key West in an Ultimate Island Experience plan tour that lets you rest comfortably, and prepare to see a side of Florida you will never forget.
Available 285 days between Oct 21, 2018 & Aug 1, 2019 View Schedule
Gone are the days when air tours were reserved for the rich and famous, as today there's plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sites from above, like during this eco tour of the Florida Keys, starting from Key West island.
Available 316 days between Now & Aug 31, 2019 View Schedule
Kayak Through a Mangrove Tunnel
It is time for you to have fun snorkeling and sipping on your favorite champaign as you follow along to a fun area in Key West, Florida with your best friends that you have always wanted to share an eco tour with.
Available 315 days between Now & Aug 31, 2019 View Schedule
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