Schlitterbahn Waterpark Kansas City

Schlitterbahn Waterpark Kansas City

Detail Most guests spend approximately 4-10 hours at the park.
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
Detail Handicap Accessible
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
Detail Restaurant and Gift Shop On-site
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Schlitterbahn of Kansas City offers a water park like no other, with a series of water chutes, slides, raft rides, beaches, water playgrounds and the only uphill water coaster in Kansas City. Guests can float on a system of many rivers of varying speeds and wave-heights, many of which interconnect so that you can ride the river system across the entire park. Grab a boogie board and surf on the Boogie Bahn, or take a ride on the dark side with the enclosed Whirlwind tube slide. Relax on a lazy river or beach, or watch your kids climb all over the fun Pirate Ship playground.

True to the Schlitterbahn name, this water park has it all! If you like floating on rivers, this park has several. For a more relaxing ride, try Kristal River, a slower-flowing ride that rocks you into cool oblivion under the hot summer sun. For a change of speed, try the Raging River, a tube chute that rocks the boat (or, in this case, tube) with bumpy rapids and speeding waterfalls. The Torrent River is another bumpy ride, with serpentine 10 foot walls and ocean-sized waves.

If you’ve ever lain out on an ocean shore, you know how relaxing it is to bake in the sun, then feel the incoming tide as it washes in. Shlitterbahn has recreated this experience at Kristal Beach, where you can lay out on the beach and let the Kristal River’s water cool you with each tide. The beaches at the water park all have areas to relax, with giant umbrellas for shade. If you’re feeling thirsty, be sure to visit Henry’s Hideout, where a swim-up refreshment bar and in-water seating create the perfect environment for mingling.

For a little more excitement, visit the water coaster or one of the many slides around the park. The Storm Blaster is an uphill water coaster that has the ups and downs of a regular coaster, only propelled by upward jets of water. First, guests will ride their tubes three stories up to the launch tower on an “Aqua Veyer,” then they’ll plunge and climb through the crazy coaster before splashing into the water below. Try one of the many slide rides, like the Whirlwind, which is a black tunnel in which guests twist and turn on their rafts… in complete darkness! The Whirlwind is one of three slide rides that begin atop a 60 foot tower.

Whether you relax on the beach close to the breaking tides, scream as you fly down a water coaster, surf the waves on a boogie board or ride the rivers across the entire park, a Schlitterbahn adventure provides just what you’re looking for in a water park experience.

The kids had a great time, well worth the trip
-- Linda Becker - Leslie, MO
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