Yellowstone National Park Lower Loop Expedition

Yellowstone National Park Lower Loop Expedition

Detail The tour lasts approximately 4 to 12 hours.
Detail The tour price also includes binoculars, snacks, water, coffee and picnic lunch.
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Detail Appropriate for All Ages
Detail Handicap Accessible
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
Yellowstone - Mountains & Water
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Experience incredible wildlife in breathtaking settings when you visit Jackson Hole for the Lower Loop Expedition. Start your trip in an exploration through Grand Teton National Park, where you will stop for unique viewing opportunities of the animals that inhabit the area. Watch elk, moose, coyotes, bison, sheep and more as they interact with their own and different species in this colorful, serene national park.

The authentic, vibrant landscapes, the rushing waterfalls, and the deep blue lake in Grand Teton are spectacular, but the real focus of this tour is set in Yellowstone National Park. Explore Old Faithful, the famous geysers, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and more. Learn more about the history of the park, about the geological significance, and about wildfires and how you can help prevent them when you take this tour. Feel the cool mist of the geysers as you watch them explode into the sky, hear the roar of the falls as the water crashes against rocks, marvel at the clear beauty of Yellowstone Lake, and listen to your echo bounce off the powerful and magnificent rock walls of Yellowstone's Grand Canyon. The wildlife that live among these natural landscapes are sure to astonish you, as well. Moose stand dominant among the grass, while elk and deer feed and play around them. Hear the howl of the wolf in the wind and search the sky for a glimpse of a bald eagle. Pronghorns race past at up to sixty miles per hour, and you will see why these creatures are the fastest North American land animals.

Lunch, snacks, and beverages will be provided, as well as binoculars for a better viewing experience. Visual aids are included to help give each explorer hands-on opportunities throughout the excursion. The trip travels through the park in safari-style vehicles to give the tour an even more adventurous feeling. At the end of the trip, you will return to Jackson where you can enjoy some of the great dining opportunities at nearby restaurants.

You will not want to miss out on this incredible adventure throughout these two national parks. Learn more about the parks' wildlife and what you can do to help preserve their habitats in an exciting exploration that allows you to observe and interact with them in their environment.

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