Magic Springs Theme and Water Park

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Magic Springs Theme and Water Park
Detail Most people spend all day at the park.
Detail Included in the price are admission and all day use of rides and attractions.
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
Detail Handicap Accessible
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
Detail Restaurant and Gift Shop On-site
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Multiple rides, shops, dining options, a water park, and attractions in Magic Springs Theme and Water Park make this a wonderful theme park to be for family outings, vacations, or just a day of fun! Located in Hot Springs, it provides fun for all ages through thrill rides, family rides, and children's rides, this park will definitely leave people wanting to return! After you play to your heart's content, you're sure to be hungry, so stop by one of the spectacular dining areas, where you can try some of the signature dishes to satisfy your hunger. Also available are numerous shops and stores that guest can buy souvenirs and trinkets to be able to better remember all the fun had at the park. 

Thrill Rides

Sky Shark- Riders are harnessed into the ride as they are lifted ten stories by a thin cable, then pull the cord to be instantly dropped in a complete free fall. Just before hitting the ground, a steel cable catches riders and swings them forward, swinging them across Magic Springs Lake and providing unbeatable views. 

X-Coaster- The first coaster of its kind in the United States, this ride begins with a vertical ascent, going up 150-feet in the air, then going around a 360-degree corkscrew turn after hanging in the air for a moment. Then, going past the station to hit the peak, and back up in reverse to do a partial twist before shooting past the station again to its peak, and slowly going in reverse to the station for an exit. 

The Gauntlet- Riders will experience a 110-foot drop into five inverted loops and extreme bends. 2,200 feet of strong side-to-side, up and down, and front to back forces are felt aboard this intense ride that goes up to 50 mph. 

Big Bad John- This is a runaway mine train that is named after John Henry. Lasting three minutes, this ride goes across 3,500 feet of track, twisting and turning through picturesque scenery. 

Plummet Summit- This amazing ride will get riders nice and drenched. A raft ride that takes you up to the lift hill and around a 180-degree curve before being launched down a 50-foot chute at 34 mph into 1,500 gallons of water.  

The Hawk-  A swing ride that will lift riders to heights of 50-feet, and rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise at speeds of 13 mph. This ride may even turn you upside down!

Family Rides

Diamond Mine Coaster- Thrilling coaster that is perfect for the children. Must be accompanied by supervising adult.

Rum Runner Pirate Ship- A pendulum ride with a pirate ship theme that is the perfect size for children. Must be accompanied by an adult.

Ozark Mountain Taxi- Taxi ride in which riders are able to drive and ride along a track.

Razorback Roundup Bumper Cars- Classic bumper cars that are perfect for riders over 48' tall.

Children's Rides

Fearless Flyers- Plane ride in which riders are seated in a plane that goes around in a circle, as well up and down. Perfect for the smallest ones in your group.

Kit 'n' Kaboodle Express- A miniature train ride that is a great way for the little ones to have a fun time.

Carousel- A classic carousel ride that is perfect for all ages. Complete with horses and carriages.

Looney Ballooney- Hot air balloon ride that will lift up while the ride spins around.

Bugga Booga Wheel- Minature Ferris wheel with a bug theme.

Li'l Leapin' Lizards- A slow and gentle free fall ride for children between 36' and 52' height.

Krazy Kars- Teacup style ride for children between 32' and 42' with a supervising adult accompanying them.

Clown Around- Clown themed ride for riders between 42' and 48' tall.

Water Rides

Bear Club Bend Children's Activity Area- Play area perfect for children under 48'. Must be accompanied by an adult.

Boogie Blast- Boogie board area perfect for those over 42' tall.

Bubble-Up Pool- Pool that is great for cooling off and relaxing. Children under 48' must be within arms reach of supervising companion.

Cabanas- Rental cabanas for use of sitting under a shaded area.

Crystal Cove Wave Pool- Wave pool for ultimate fun. Children under 48' must be within arms reach of supervising companion.

Crystal Lagoon Pool- Pool and slides perfect for kids. Children under 48' must be accompanied by supervising companion.

Grizzly Creek Family Splash Zone- Play area for all ages, children under 48' have to be within arms reach of supervising companion.

High Sierra Slide Tower- Waterslide tower that is great for all ages. Have to be at least 48' tall to ride. 

Kodiak Canyon Adventure River- Lazy river style ride for all ages. Children under 48' tall must be within arms reach of an adult.

Rapid Falls Raceway- Side by side slides where guests can race down. Must be at least 42' tall to ride. 

Seven Falls Slide Tower- Slide tower with multiple choices for slides. Must be at least 48' tall to ride.

Splash Island- Play area with water sprayers, slides, and other fun attractions. Children under 48' must be within arms reach of supervising companion. 

The Magic Spring- Relax by the waterside in this little cove area complete with miniature waterfalls. 

Make sure to book your reservations soon, and begin your exciting getaway to Magic Springs Theme and Water Park!