Lake Compounce & Crocodile Cove

Lake Compounce & Crocodile Cove

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All kinds of amazing family fun await at Lake Compounce & Crocodile Cove, so don't miss out on the opportunity to visit this amazing park the next time you visit Hartford, CT! Bring along the entire family for a day filled with thrill rides, entertainment, and plenty of opportunities to cool off at the water park! No matter what sort of experience you are looking for, you're bound to have an amazing time at Lake Compounce & Crocodile Cove.

The park has 171 seasons under its belt, making it the longest continuously operating theme park in the entire continent of North America. As well as claiming that title, the park is home to the top-rated wooden roller coaster in the entire world and the largest water park in the state of Connecticut.

Thrill Rides
Phobia Phear Coaster: Can you conquer your fears on the Phobia Phear Coaster? The triple launch coaster features speeds up to 65 miles per hour and a cobra roll.

Down Time: This tower ride features an 185-foot drop for speeds reaching up to 60 mph.

Boulder Dash: Reaching top speeds of up to 60 mph, Boulder Dash is considered the World's #1 Roller Coaster.

Pirate Ship: This classic ride gives guests the opportunity to feel like a pirate on the high seas, rocking them back and forth for some thrilling fun.

Rev-O-Lution: If you're looking to get a little dizzy, the Rev-O-Lution Ride is for you. This ride features full 360-degree spins, glides, and rolling motions.

The Wave Swinger: This classic swing ride spins guests round and round for fantastic views of the park. 

The Wildcat: This roller coaster has been a family favorite since 1927, including speeds of up to 44 mph and a 68-foot drop.

Thunder 'N Lightning: This ride submits guests to 3G's of fun, featuring speeds of 60 mph at heights of 90 feet.

Thunder Rapids: This water ride is fun for the whole family, taking guests crashing down some white water rapids for some splashing fun.

Twister: You choose just how fast you'll spin on this amazing Twister ride.

Wipeout: This spinning coaster is a thrilling adventure for all ages.

Zoomerang: This boomerang coaster features tons of twists and loops for a thrilling adventure at 45 mph and 125 ft.

Classic & Kiddie Rides
Dino Expedition: Dino Expedition is an immersive and interactive experience that is fun for all ages. Guests will encounter lifelike dinosaurs and learn all about them. Other features include a fun fossil dig. 

American Flyers: Spin around and around on the American Flyers for a fun experience.

Antique Carousel: Choose your favorite pony and climb aboard an amazing antique carousel for a fun ride. This particular carousel was built in 1898.

Bumper Cars: Compete against friends and family in the bumper car attraction!

Caterpillar Train: Kiddos can climb aboard the Caterpillar Train for a colorful ride.

Drop Zone: The Drop Zone is a mini drop tower for the younger guests. 

Drum Circus: A take on the teacup ride, the Drum Circus lets guests choose how fast they want to spin as they are taken on a dizzying ride.

Fantasy Carousel: This carousel features a wide variety of fantastic creatures, so choose your favorite and hold on for a relaxing ride.

Flying Elephants: Kiddos can take to the air on the Flying Elephants ride. 

Ghost Hunt: Guests will be strapped in for a spooky ride where they'll be pitted against paranormal beings. Shoot them for points and some friendly competition!

Giant Wheel: For some of the best views of the park, take to the Giant Wheel.

Jolly Jester: The Jolly Jester is a mini pirate even the tiniest swashbucklers can enjoy.

Little Critters: Fun-size bumper cars await at the Little Critters attraction!

Kiddie Coaster: Braver kiddos can take to the Kiddie Coaster (the Wildkitten) for some twisty fun.

Kiddie Swinger: This swing ride is gentle and fun for younger riders.

Little Dare Devils: Choose your favorite motorbike and climb on for a gentle spin.

Rainbow Riders: Touch the skies on the Rainbow Riders adventure! Great for all ages.

Saw Mill Plunge: The Saw Mill Plunge is a wild log ride that thrills little adventurers.

C.P. Huntington Train: Choo choo! Ride the C.P. Huntington Train for a fun ride.

The Sky Ride: This scenic ride up the mountain lasts a half hour and is one of the best ways to see the beauty of the surrounding area.

The Trolley: On the Trolley, guests can experience what it was like to live in 1911!

Zoomer's Gas 'n Go: Kiddos are in charge on this track!

Water Rides
Croc-O-Nile: This lazy river allows guests to sit back and relax as they float along and enjoy catching some sun.

Bayou Bay: Bayou Bay is a brand new addition to the park, bringing rocking waves and thousands of gallons of sparkling water.

Clipper Cove: This play area is great for young kids, featuring a 300-gallon dump bucket, slides, water cannons, and more.

Lights Out: This lighthouse-themed slide takes guests spiraling down in the dark into the splash zone below.

Mammoth Falls: This raft ride can accommodate the whole family for some wholesome fun.

Riptide Racer: See who is the fastest on the Riptide Racer ride. Guests will slide down side-by-side on their stomachs. Up to four can race at a time!

Tunnel Twisters: 3 tunnels of twisting fun await at the Tunnel Twisters attraction!

Anchor Bay: A tiny wave pool for the kiddos, Anchor Bay provides amazing fun.

With so many things to entertain and delight, a trip to Lake Compounce & Crocodile is an absolute must when visiting Hartford, CT.

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