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Washington Circle in Washington, DC

Washington Circle is a historic neighborhood called 'Foggy Bottom' at the intersection of 23rd Street and Pennsylvania N.W

W. The George Washington University connects to Washington Circle and the George Washington University Hospital. The area is institutionalized, and you mainly see students, professors, doctors, nurses, and visitor's walking around the nearby park. The growth of the Washington Circle has been slow, but the area is still legendary, because of it's history.

Many visitors, scholars, historians, and tourist come to Washington Circle, because it played a major role in the American Civil War. People come to see the fascinating sculpture of George Washington, which sits perched on a bronze horse in Washington Park. It depicts him riding a horse, during the 'Battle of Princeton.' During the spring, many visitors come to see the flowers bloom at Washington Park.

Washington Circle has been around since 1850, but is was known during that period as a dangerous area, because of the American Civil War. After that era, St. Paul Episcopal church was built, and the area became renewed.

'Foggy Bottom' is historic and a major part of history. It's a circle of importance, has old and new architectural features, and a place that leads to Dupont Circle, which is also part of the neighborhood. It was meant to be a residential area, but never happened. It's a staple of Clark Mill's sculpture of George Washington's sculpture, George Washington University and George Washington Hospital.

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