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The President Woodrow Wilson House in Washington, D.C

2340 S St NW Washington, DC 20008
The President Woodrow Wilson House was the home of the twenty eighth president of the United States of America.

Resting at 2340 South Street NW, Washington DC, this is the house of the president that defiantly vetoed prohibition and led us into World War One. His life was full of accomplishments and failures, and this memorial site stands as a reminder to the president, and the person, that he was.

After Wilsons’ wife, Edith Wilson, died in 1961, the house was dedicated to her deceased husband’s memory. You can pass through the Wilson house and see the beautiful gardens the Wilson’s called their own, designed by Waddy Butler Wood, who also designed the house. This piece of history shows us what life after presidency held for Wilson, who accomplished may things. He won the Nobel Peace Prize and created the League of Nations in an attempt to bring humanity as a whole together.

President Wilson was a president that believed in worldwide peace. A dream of his that he will never see come to light. Located in Washington DC, his home still stands for the peace that he tried to attain. Within it, highlights of all that is known of his life stand. If you happen to be in Washington DC, near 2340 South Street NW, stop in and enjoy the history behind one of the most peaceful presidents the United States has ever had.

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