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Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington, DC

3001 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20008
Are you a hardcore animal lover? Want an informative seminar on different species? Are the children getting restless and you want to take them somewhere? Well look no further than the Smithsonian National Zoo. Not only will you and the family learn a few things, but everybody will love all the fun activities and animal sightings from the day.

This beautiful zoological park is located on Connecticut Avenue in Northwest Washington D. C. Interestingly enough, there is a lot that this place has to offer. Classes, camps, and sleepovers are the best giving you the experience of waking to the animal sounds. For children 2-8 years of age, there are reservations that you could make for birthday parties. Your kids will thank you for this, and much more. By the way, a zoo tour is included in the package.

You are probably wondering how did a place like this come to life. A gentleman by the name of William Temple Hornaday, saw something very disturbing. When he took a trip to the western United States, there were no herds of buffalo to be found. Knowing he had to act fast before these animals became extinct, they were brought back to the National Mall to live. Foxes, deer, bison, prairie dogs, lynx and badgers were brought there as well in order to preserve their species. This happened in 1887. Here it is 125 years later, and the zoo is still going strong. More animals are housed here than any other zoo in the U.S. Let your wild side roam and take an adventure you never experienced before. You will not regret the fun you will have.

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