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Georgetown Canal & Shops in Washington, DC

Washington D.C

C. is of course famous for a certain house that's been in America's family for centuries. However, there is certainly more to do than tour the White House, although that is most certainly a unique and exciting experience all by itself.

One of the most well liked attractions in D.C. is called the C&O Canal Towpath. Here visitors can find an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life without traveling far from the comfort the city also affords. The canal offers many outdoor activities from hiking to bike riding Indeed it is a large park spanning over 184 miles and it has a long history in D.C. as it has been in existence approximately a century and was once a transport hub for lumber, coal and other valuable goods at the beginning of the 20th century.

Although Georgetown is the oldest neighborhood in D.C. it's fashion and shopping manifest is anything but. Here one can find a litany of high end boutiques for every taste palette that are trendy yet still unique. Moreover, the food scene is its own love letter to both DC and the shop owners own creative brush strokes. One such shop is called Malmaison and it offers all the old brunch favorites as well as a delectable selection of baked desserts, pies, cupcakes, and danishes.

Yes indeed Georgetown is a city that cherishes its history with one mighty fist and with its other craves and embraces change. Here one can find high end boutiques next to a bohemian style thrifty clothing store, while a block away there is the historic canal. Moreover, don't forget the delectable food scene either, from quaint bakery shops to one of a kind brunch cafes, and intriguing ethnic eateries as well.

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