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Freedom Crossing Monument

469 Plain St Lewiston, NY 14092
The Freedom Crossing Monument is situated along the Niagara River bank in Lewiston, New York to honor the confidence of fugitive slaves who sought freedom and new life in Canada.

Another category of people honored is the category of volunteers who helped and protected the escapees along their way while crossing the river. Local residents used the term “strangers” when referring to slaves to avoid revealing their identify and assisting them to remain safe.

The monument is built at 120% life size and comprises five bronze sculptures with the subjects of family freedom seekers; that is the father, mother and their kid. The amazing inscription concentrates on the two Underground Railroad members; Lewiston tailor - Josiah Tryon and famed abolitionist - Harriet Tubman. Besides, it figures the banks of Niagara River and a rowboat. Every monument aspect has some importance including the cane which the fugitive father holds. Legend indicated that a cane entwined with tendrils and made of Thornwood was given by an escapee to one person of the local volunteers to thank them.

The “Freedom Crossing” monument was dedicated in 2009 with two parents and their child ready to cross the river and receiving a hand of help by Tryon, the volunteer station master through the secret route of the slaves to Canada during the mid-1800s. The fifth character in the monument is Laura Eastman, the 1969 novel, “Freedom Crossing heroine - Margaret Goff Clark. Each one of the five characters has a secret code for the public to identify.

The Historical Association of Lewiston members invite visitors to the Water Street sculpture scene to find the etched words, “Mourn the Rainbow Heart” in the dress folds of the slave woman. The figure sits in the rowboat with its arms open wide prepared to receive the kid, being handed to her by Tryon. With its great history, the freedom monument forms a landmark that you cannot miss to visit and witness.

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