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Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, DC

1850 W Basin Dr SW Washington, DC 20024
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Located halfway between the Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial honors not only our 32nd President but also the 12 years of American History during his time in office from 1933-1945. Divided into four outdoor galleries each representing one of FDR's terms in office, the memorial features a wide variety of sculptures, quotations from FDR, waterfalls & pools, quiet alcoves, and many other symbolic works of art.

The first room depicts FDR's early presidency, inauguration and the creation of the New Deal in response to the Great Depression. A variety of different sculptures will get your attention as you enter room two, where a group of men standing in a bread line, a rural farm couple, and a young man listening to one of FDR's famous fireside chats are depicted showing both the hope and hard times of that era. As you enter the third room you'll be reminded of World War II. A large fierce waterfall with large blocks of granite scattered around symbolize how the war was tearing the country apart. Room three also features a large statue of FDR with his beloved dog Fala. The fourth room honors the life and legacy of FDR as well as First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. A statue of Eleanor pays tribute to her role of First Lady as well as her work with the United Nations and as a crusader for human rights. With all the history and symbolism, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial not only honors the accomplishments of FDR but also remembers the 12 years of American History that took place during his presidency.

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