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African American Civil War Memorial in Washington, DC

1925 Vermont Ave NW Washington, DC 20001
The African-American Civil War Memorial is located at 1925 Vermont Ave NW in Washington, DC is a memorial that serves as a monument to memorialize the 209,145 African-Americans that fought during the United States Civil War.

They served as sailors and soldiers fighting to secure the United States freedom as well as their own freedom.

This beautiful memorial, graced by The Spirit of Freedom 9-foot high bronze sculpture, is a testament to the African-American troops that fought to ensure our countries freedom. The museum was opened in 1999 and includes videos, photographs, and clothing displays, including uniforms and weapons that were used during the war. There are also select newspaper articles that allow researchers and visitors to better understand the role the African-Americans served in the freedom of the United States.

Amongst other things, the memorial also has a fine family tree that allows African-American descendants to trace relatives that served during the war. Descendants of those that served can also register their family tree with proper documentation. This keeps the spirit of the African-American Civil War Memorial alive for generations to come. Through a visual presentation, visitors can more thoroughly understand the very important role that the African-Americans served in the United States freedom.

When visiting the many important monuments and memorials in Washington, DC, the African-American Civil War Memorial is a must see for its beauty and dignity.

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