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White House West Wing Tours

Experiencing the city of Washington DC can be an adventure that everyone will remember. With so many tours and activities its hard to know what to do while staying in the area. Tours of the White House are possible during vacation but very hard to get. The tours of the West Wing, however, fall under a different category. The West Wing of the White House is the official workplace of the President of the United States. While tours of the White House East Wing are difficult to arrange, tours to the West Wing are virtually impossible.

There are three categories of people who may be granted the privilege of touring the West Wing:
  • Friends and family of select White House employees who are authorized to conduct such tours on their free time
  • Celebrities or prominent political activists who contact the White House Office of Political Affairs directly
  • Friends and prominent supporters of members of Congress who contact the White House Office of Political Affairs on their behalf
If you happen to fall into one of these categories, you will still be required to undergo rigorous background investigation by the Secret Service, and, of course, security screening prior to entry.

The West Wing Tour consists of visiting the following rooms in the White House:
  • Roosevelt Room, the site of many senior staff meetings.
  • Cabinet Room, where the President meets with his cabinet.
  • Oval Office, the Presidential Office, where you may look in, but not enter.
  • Rose Garden, walk around the side of the Rose Garden, outside the Oval Office. This is the site of many outdoor press conferences, and one of the places on the tour that photography is permitted.
  • Press Room, where most White House press conferences are held. Guests are permitted to stand on the stage and pose for a photograph behind the podium.
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