Arlington Cemetery Plus DC War Memorials

Arlington Cemetery Plus DC War Memorials

Detail Guided Tour Takes Approximately 4 Hours
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
Detail Handicap Accessible
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
Arlington Cemetery Plus DC War Memorials, wall
Arlington Cemetery Plus DC War Memorials is no longer available, it is unknown if or when it may return.
This activity is no longer available. Top related activities are listed below:
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The Arlington Cemetery Plus DC War Memorials Tour is a convenient and easy way to experience the highlights of DC, including Arlington National Cemetery, Iwo Jima Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial!

Take this four-hour guided tour for sights of the most iconic locations in Washington DC, and your senior licensed tour guide will give you all the information you need about these national landmarks. Ease into your day with this fantastic opportunity to see Arlington National Cemetery, as well as the nation's Capitol. Stop at various memorials, including the Lincoln, Vietnam, Korean, and Iwo Jima Memorials.

Detailed Tour Itinerary
Interior view of Union Station
 Tour Stop at 
 Tour Stop at  Union Station
You will meet your tour in Union Station on the bus level of the parking garage inside the Greyhound Building. Please arrive approximately 30 minutes before your departure time, and get ready for four hours exploring Arlington National Cemetery and the war memorials around the DC area.
Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC
 Tour Stop at 
 Tour Stop at  Arlington National Cemetery
On this tour, you can visit the Arlington National Cemetery and explore the most hallowed ground in the United States. Take a ride on the Arlington National Cemetery Tram, which makes stops at the Kennedy gravesites and the Tomb of the Unknowns.
John F. Kennedy Gravesite at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC
 Tour Stop at 
 Tour Stop at  John F. Kennedy Gravesite
While at Arlington, you will visit the John F. Kennedy Gravesite, perhaps the most visited site in the cemetery. Paved with irregular stones of Cape Cod granite, the gravesite is memorialized by an Eternal Flame that burns brightly. Here, you can pay your respects to the fallen president.
Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC
 Tour Stop at 
 Tour Stop at  Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery
During your tour, your group will stop at the Tomb of the Unknowns, or the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. If time allows, you will have the opportunity to see the Changing of the Guard, a symbol that is also conducted in accordance with Army regulations every half hour during the summer months.
U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial - Iwo Jima Statue in Washington, DC
 Tour Stop at 
 Tour Stop at  Iwo Jima Memorial
This memorial, known officially as the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial, honors Marines who have fallen in the line of duty. Take in the different aspects, especially the statue of the flag raising on Iwo Jima, one of the most well-known events from World War II.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC
 Tour Stop at 
 Tour Stop at  Vietnam Veterans Memorial
This national memorial honors U.S. service members who fought in the Vietnam War, those who died in service in Vietnam and South East Asia, and those who were unaccounted for during the war. While you're there, make sure to take in all three separate parts, the Three Soldiers statue, Vietnam Women's Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, the best known part of the memorial.
Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC
 Tour Stop at 
 Tour Stop at  Korean War Veterans Memorial
Located in West Potomac Park, the Korean War Veterans Memorial was built to commemorate those who served in the Korean War. This memorial serves as a place of reflection for visitors as they walk through the 19 stainless steel statues that form a squad on patrol.
Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC
 Tour Stop at 
 Tour Stop at  Lincoln Memorial
Built to honor the 16th President, the Lincoln Memorial is in the form of a Greek Doric temple with a large seated sculpture of Abraham Lincoln. While you're admiring the statue, make sure to read the inscriptions of two well-known speeches by Lincoln, The Gettysburg Address and his Second Inaugural Address.
Stops may change due to traffic, weather, maintenance, etc.

From the comfort of your coach, you will also have the opportunity to view the White House, World War II Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Air Force Memorial, and more.

Great tour guide. Great activity for teens and parents.
-- Colleen Littrell - Kansas. City, MO
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