Women's Museum - Dallas, TX

Women's Museum - Dallas, TX
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National Women's History Museum
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A truly inspirational exhibit of women from our past, present, and where we are headed in the future. You will enjoy walking through this museum learning how far women have come; shaping our future in this world and opening the door for the women of today to accomplish anything they want. You will see exhibits from the past like, including Time Capsule, Milestones in Women’s History, Generations of Women, and Mothers of Invention. From the present: Funny Women, Sports and Adventure, How I Did It, and Dream Your Career.

Starting in November and running through February, the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition brings its exhibit of First Ladies’ Political Role and Public Image, featuring first ladies’ gowns and clothing, personal belongings, White House furnishings and other historical items. It shows how the first ladies reflect the ideals of home, family and womanhood throughout the generations. Divided into four sections revealing the historical roles of the first lady of America, "Inventing the Role," "Political Role," "Public Image," and "Life After the White House." Learn how these women shaped the presidency during their time in the White House. The Women’s Museum is a must see for the whole family when visiting Dallas, Texas during your vacation. If you see something that really inspires you at the museum, check out the gift store and take a piece of that inspiration home with you to keep the memory and hope in your life forever.

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