Ribbon Falls in Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon National Park Ribbon Falls
Ribbon Falls

Ribbon Falls in Grand Canyon National Park

Ribbon Falls Trail North Rim, AZ 86052
The Grand Canyon, which is located in Arizona, is one of the seven wonders of the world, and with good reason.

This canyon is an example of nature at its finest, preserved for generations to see and experience. One of the attractions within the grand natural wonder is the beautiful Ribbon Falls.

The Ribbon Falls is located near the bottom of the canyon. There, hikers will see water spouting out of the top of the canyon floor and falling a full 50 feet to a pool below. One of the things that makes the falls unique is the vibrant green moss at the base, a result of the mineral deposits from the water. Because of this natural development within the falls, they were originally referred to as the Altar Falls. However, over time, due to the ribbon-like look of the water cascading down the rocks, the name Ribbon Falls was adopted and became the main name of the falls.

Getting the beautiful Ribbon Falls isn't an easy task though. Visitors will need to hike more than 5 miles along the North Kaibab Trail in order to reach the falls. Once hikers make it to there, there are options for them to actually encounter the falls up close.

One thing to keep in mind is that although the falls are beautiful, there are times of year where it might not be recommended to hike there due to the extreme heat in the summer months or even stormy weather. So, when planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, make sure you check the weather conditions before heading out.

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