Pink Jeep Grand Canyon Tours

Pink Jeep Grand Canyon Tours

Detail Tour lengths range from 2 to 3 hours.
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Morning and afternoon departures
Minimum age: 18 months
Detail Price includes narrated tour and entrance fees to any attractions visited. Select Tours include admission to IMAX movie. See descriptions below.
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Choose from some of the most inclusive tours of this beautiful Natural Wonder of the World! Bring the whole family for an adventure of the Grand Canyon. Whether you want a sunset tour or a full-day tour, you're sure to find just the one you need on your vacation to the Grand Canyon!

The Grand Entrance Tour: This tour really does provide a grand entrance into one of the Natural Wonders of the World and you won't want to miss out on all it has to offer!

Take this two-hour tour along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon all while learning about the legends, history, wildlife, and geology of the area. Throughout your tour, you will stop at various lookout points to get a better idea of this natural landmark's immensity.

Your tour takes place inside a pastel-colored, open-air Jeep Wrangler with a professional tour guide who doubles as a certified and trained 4x4 driver. As you drive along the South Rim and down Desert View Drive admiring the Grand Canyon, your guide will be giving you some of the most interesting information regarding the history and wildlife of the area.

Your final destination is Grandview Point. This lookout spot has been a favorite for over 100 years and is only available via a private vehicle such as the pink Jeep you will be riding in.

Once you arrive to the Grandview Trail, you will have the opportunity to get out, explore, and take pictures of the large pinyon pine, ponderosa pine, and oak tress surrounding you.

Not only do you get this amazing sightseeing experience, but with the Grand Canyon Grand Entrance Tour, you will also receive a ticket to the IMAX movie, 'Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets.'

Bring the whole family for this incredible adventure of a lifetime!

The Grand Deluxe Tour: This three-hour tour will take you to a more remote side of the Grand Canyon where you will have the opportunity to catch many incredible views of this Natural Wonder of the World from the East Rim.

Your tour begins along the East Rim on Desert View Drive for 25 miles. Next, you will arrive at Navajo Point where you can look out onto the Grand Canyon at one of the best lookout points. From here you will be able to see the Colorado River's big bend area.

Next, you will head to Lipan Point. This part of the tour is 80 feet high so you will be able to see the tops of pine trees along the East Rim. At this lookout point, you will see Seventyfive Mile Creek.

At Desert View Watchtower, you can get out and stretch your legs. This 70-foot-tall stone building is another great lookout point where you can walk inside and see some of the beautiful artwork by Hopi artist, Fred Kabotie.

Your tour ends with a visit to Moran Point. Here, you can watch the beautiful, vibrant colors of the sunset along the Grand Canyon cliffs.

The Grand Finale Tour: Check out this two-hour tour where you can watch the sun set along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Not only will your tour be narrated by a professional tour guide, but you will also get to see some incredible landscapes.

Along your tour you will see things like the sparkling waters of the Hakatai Rapids and beautiful, vibrant oranges and reds in the sky as the sun sets over the Grand Canyon. Once the sun sets completely, you will head to the IMAX theater for an interactive movie called 'Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secretes.' This ticket is included with your tour.

The Grand Trail Tour: This two-hour tour will take you back in time as you travel along the Trail of Time at the Grand Canyon.

Come see the beauties of this Natural Wonder of the World. the Trail of Time is 3 miles full of Grand Canyon activities. This trail resembles a timeline, each meter representing 1 million years of geological Grand Canyon history.

Before beginning any exciting activities, you will want to check out all of the greatest views of the canyon such as Yavapai Point and the Colorado River.

At the end of your hiking adventure along the trail, you can go to the Grand Canyon Village where you can walk through the El Tovar Hotel and Hopi House.

You won't want to miss out on this exciting historical adventure!

Grand Canyon Final Deluxe Tour: This three-hour evening tour is sure to show you a good time with great views.

Your tour guide will narrate some of the most interesting information such as the ins and outs of the sandstone formations of the Grand Canyon and other geological features. Watch as light touches the different rock formations and creates beautiful views. The vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows will attract you as the sun sets over the Grand Canyon.

The last portion of this tour is taking a scenic drive along the East Rim of the Grand Canyon making for fantastic displays.

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