Grand Canyon Yaki Point Bicycle Tour

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Grand Canyon Yaki Point Bicycle Tour
Detail Duration: 3 hours
Family Fun on the Grand Canyon Yaki Point Bicycle Tour
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Family Fun on the Grand Canyon Yaki Point Bicycle TourGrand Canyon Yaki Point Bicycle TourBiking Through the Canyon with the Grand Canyon Yaki Point Bicycle TourAmazing Views of the Grand Canyon

Touring the Yaki Point in the Grand Canyon with a bike tour that is a totally unique experience. The paths go around the Grand Canyon and are made so that a person who is biking can have the same experience as the people who are right up beside the canyon but these paths are made to keep the people who want to be outside and see things see rather than putting them into harms way.

The path that the bikers go on eventually reach the outlook of the rim which is something that takes a persons breath away when they take this path. Throughout the paths there is more beauty that is going on in the world for them to see because the Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful places to go in terms of colors. Looking at the Grand Canyon during sunrise and sunset is one of the most magical times that a person can be looking out at the colors.Colors that are changing is something that a lot of people find joy when they are looking at it. This means that the colors have an impact on the people that have never seen something like this before which makes the colors seem even more out there. With this being said there is a time when a person will want to take photos of the colors and the outside world that they are in. This is also so there is no way to forget the colors they see. This awesome bike tour follows the newest section of greenway built eastward in the park to the Yaki Point.

The well-paved paths are designed for you to experience the Canyon in an fascinating way that is particularly close, but still completely safe. About a half of a mile into this tour, you will come onto the scene of the first miraculous view of the Grand Canyon. Onwards the path takes you just a few feet from the rim, nearly all the way to Yaki Point lookout.

You will then be given information on the colorful history and vast information of the geology and plant life, and the history of human life as well. Your guide will also introduce you to commonly seen Canyon wildlife around the area.