Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park Getaway

Combine an educational look at horticulture with the thrills and attractions of Gilroy Gardens with the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park Getaway for a fun vacation that offers light-hearted education alongside theme park entertainment!

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You'll find both tickets to Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park and two nights' lodging are included in this package, offering everything you need to experience Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park while keeping your vacation simple.

In total, you'll find 21 rides at the park ranging from gentle children's rides to thrilling roller coasters. However, rides are only the tip of what makes Gilroy Gardens such a cherished attraction in the Gilroy area. Additionally, you will find numerous sights and activities including the Bonfante Falls, Circus Trees (unique trees carved into intricate designs), and a Learning School to help you better understand the horticultural sights seen throughout the park.

Six unique gardens are also located at the theme park, including Claudia's Garden (ripe with conifer trees); Rainbow Garden (featuring the many colors of the rainbow); Monarch Garden (noted for its tropical and sub-tropical selection); Camelia Garden (named after the camelias featured within); Holly Garden (showcasing the vast range of beauty found throughout holly and shrubs); and South County Back Roads Garden (complimented by a slow ride in an antique car).

Offering a unique collection of rides for all ages and horticultural wonders  and 2 nights' accommodations, the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park Getaway presents a vacation the entire family can enjoy!

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