Smoky Mountain Knife Works Showroom & National Knife Museum in Sevierville, TN

2320 Winfield Dunn Parkway
Visit the home of one of the most popular knife distributors in the country at the Smoky Mountain Knife Works Showroom and the new National Knife Museum in Sevierville!

The National Knife Museum features an unparalleled collection of knives, including military knives, swords, razors, pocket knives, hunting knives, bowie knives, and more.

At the Smoky Mountain Knife Works Showroom, you'll find yourself exploring the wares of the enormous 55,000 square foot facility that features every knife and accessory imaginable, including those used for hunting, camping, display, and more! You'll also find fantasy weaponry, including swords, axes, and more, as well as military and law enforcement wares!

My husband & I visit this store every time we are in Sevierville, Tn. The staff is very knowledgeable about their store. They take time to make you feel very welcome and go out of their way to help you find what you are looking for . The store's atmosphere is perfect - the knives displays, the artifact displays and all of the other scenery blends in very well together. It is always interesting to visit and to shop in this store. It you are looking for a place to shop, to view displays, to see knife history and just overall enjoyment, this is the place!
Joan Gillett - North Carolina
my family and i have been all over the country, seel all sorts of stores and museums and i tell ya this is the best experience we have ever had. it is a store and mueseum all in one. they have shopping for any budjet and any interesting, not just knives but gifts galore, a ton of books and even an artifact and antique section. they sell diansour eggs!!!! WOW on every wall and corner are displaies of knives, antiques, guns, wildlife, all sorts of neet stuff and the national knife museum is is a highlight and it's FREE!!!! they have cutting tools tat are from 1 million years old to 1 year old and of all of the mueseums i have been to they really tell the story!!!! most museums just put stuff behind glass they dont they will give you a tour weather it is for one person or 100. you have got to check it out !!!!
Isaac Russell - Charlottesville Va
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