“Images” The Ultimate Tribute Show

“Images” The Ultimate Tribute Show has closed and is no longer available.

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“Images” The Ultimate Tribute Show
Detail Shows last approximately 2 hours.
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Head to the Showplace Theater in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN for an unforgettable evening of quality entertainment with a tribute show. The theater is new to the area, providing fresh talent and productions to the Great Smokey Mountains. No matter what you are interested in seeing, there's something for everyone of every age, as the shows change frequently. Meaning you can go back again and again and never see the same thing twice!

About the Owner

Matt Cordell has made a name for himself in Pigeon Forge for his musical endeavors. Captivating audiences with his renditions of legends such as Elvis and Jason Aldean, his performances were energetic and fun. He has brought this charisma to his own theater, providing unique entertainment that all ages can enjoy! 

Check out amazing shows such as 'Images' and 'Blast from the Past' at this one-of-a-kind theater. This venue is new and sure to bring something fresh to the city of Pigeon Forge, so don't miss out on catching one of these great performances!