Guinness World of Records Museum

Guinness World of Records Museum

Guinness World of Records Museum, exhibit
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On your trip to Gatlinburg, don't miss your opportunity to walk through dozens of displays, memorabilia, and exhibits show world record breaking topics, artifacts, and more at the Guinness World of Records Museums. This amazing museum will leave your family talking about it for months, long after you return home from your trip to Gatlinburg. The book includes such items as the smallest woman in the world, the longest fingernails, the oldest person, the most people jumping rope at the same time, the most dogs in one place at one time, and so many more.

At the Guinness World of Records Museum, you can board Noah's Ark, meet circus characters, see Elvis' real "Hound Dog" boat, stand next to the tallest man, see what the world's most expensive car looks like, and look at the original Batmobile. There is no better way to spend a few hours in Gatlinburg than touring a museum that is designed to amaze, astound, and mesmerize you with its unbelievable oddities, stunts, and feats of courage, bravery, resolve, and more. Treat your family to an activity everyone will enjoy and tour the amazing Guinness World of Records Museum!      

  • See schedule for exact dates and times.
  • Activity is appropriate for all ages.
  • Activity is handicap accessible.

-- Lisa Cope - Arkoma, OK
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