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Visit the 'largest amusement & water park in the Midwest' with the Cincinnati Weekend Getaway Package including two nights in the hotel of your choice!

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With rides, attractions, a kids area, Soak City Water Park, Dinosaurs Alive!, and live entertainment, every member of the family is sure to find something they will enjoy!

Thrill Rides
Banshee: Like a phantom in the dark, this ride will have you screaming while you reach speeds of up to 68 miles per hour.

Firehawk: Standing at 115 feet, this roller coaster will take riders to speeds of more than 50 miles per hour...upside down!

The Beast: Said to be the longest wooden roller coaster in the world, this ride will send you on speeds of up to 65 miles per hour!

Diamondback: This roller coaster travels through 10 acres of terrain and will reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour, leaving your stomach behind!

Delirium: This ride spins guests on a 240-degree arc 137 feet in the air!

Drop Tower: As you drop, your stomach will too! The Drop Tower drops guests an astounding 26 stories at speeds of up to 67 miles per hour.

Invertigo: As the only inverted roller coaster in the Midwest, this ride is known to terrify riders with top speeds of about 55 miles per hour!

The Racer: Two trains race side by side and compete for the first-place finish!

Vortex: This 55-mile-per-hour ride will send you soaring along 3,000 feet of track, including loops, corkscrews, turns, and helixes!

Adventure Express: This mine train ride is the perfect roller coaster for everyone!

Back Lot Stunt Coaster: This stunt car simulation will have you wanting to be a race car driver!

WindSeeker: At 301 feet, the WindSeeker will give you great views of the entire park!

The Bat: This bat soars in the daytime and will fly through the air at great speeds with endless twists and turns!

Flight of Fear: This ride will catapult you from zero to 54 miles per hour in just four seconds!

Sling Shot: This ride will shoot you forward and vertically at 275 feet in the air at almost 100 miles pre hour!

Xtreme Skyflyer: A combination of hang gliding and skydiving, this adventure will soar at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour and leave you free-falling 17 stories!

Family Rides
Shake, Rattle & Roll: You'll twist, turn, and spin on this rotating ride.

Congo Falls: This classic flume ride will send you down the 43-foot water slide into the pool of water below!

Scrambler: A common fair favorite, the Scrambler will spin riders in each and every direction.

Monster: Riders will spin, rise, and drop in three different circles all at the same time.

Viking Fury: As you hop on board this Viking ship, you will be taken from one side of an 80-foot arc to the other at great speeds!

Zephyr: Another fair favorite, this swing ride sends riders over 30 feet in the air!

Grand Carousel: Pick a figurine and ride 'round and 'round on this classic carousel ride.

Eiffel Tower: One of the park's main attractions, the Eiffel Tower will give guests a great view of the entire park and some surrounding areas.

K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad: Chug along through the park on this 1800s locomotive named 'The General.'

Dodgem: Bumper cars are always a go-to at theme parks and you won't want to miss these!

Boo Blasters on Boo Hill: This family-fun ride will send guests through an interactive ride to been Boocifer.

White Water Canyon: Ride the rocking rapids with this family rides!

Planet Snoopy
Woodstock Gliders: One of the newest rides, this airplane ride lets guests control their own flight.

Surf Dog: This giant surfboard invites parents and kids alike to hop on and twist and turn along!

Race for Your Life Charlie Brown: Similar to a log ride, this ride is full of splashes through the wilderness.

Flying Ace Aerial Chase: Guests will love this ride as they soar through the air!

Snoopy's Space Buggies: Another new attraction, this ride will make guests feel like they're bouncing along!

Peanuts 500: The youngsters can get a feel for what driving is all about with this ride on Planet Snoopy Expressway.

Kite Eating Tree: Taking guests 20 feet high, this ride will have the youngsters reeling with excitement!

Joe Cool's Dodgem School: This attraction is bumper cars for the little ones!

The Great Pumpkin Coaster: This miniaturized coaster takes guests through turns, down dips, and up hills!

Peanuts Off-Road Rally: Kids will hop inside these small vehicles and circle around with this carousel-type ride.

Charlie Brown's Wind Up: This swing ride is for those young thrill-seekers!

Woodstock Express: A wooden roller coaster for everyone in the family, this ride is one the younger kids will want to ride over and over!

Woodstock Whirlybirds: This ride gives guests a scenic view of the park inside an 'airplane.'

Sally's Sea Plane: This ride will take guests high in the air and circle around.

Linus' Beetle Bugs: Whip-like, this ride has been slowed down and made smaller for those young thrill-seekers.

Snoopy's Junction: All aboard for a train ride through the park!

Linus' Launcher: Kids will feel free as they soar through the air on this ride!

Snoopy vs. Red Baron: Let your kids be a pilot for a day with this airplane ride!

Character Carousel: Your kids will love picking a figurine to ride on with this carousel.

Soak City Water Park Rides
Aruba Tuba: This water slide is meant for all so grab a friend or family member and take the plunge!

Breakers Bay: Breakers Bay is a family wave pool where you can relax, swim, or play!

Tidal Wave Bay: Grab a tube or wade in this large wave pool!

Castaway Cove: This wave pool is just for the smaller tykes to slide, splash, and frolic!

Splash Landing: Full of water activities including slides, water sprayers, and a giant bucket that dumps water with no warning!

Coconut Cove: Resort or pool? Coconut Cove is a nice pool where guests can lounge, lay out, and relax while their kids play under the waterfall or swim around!

Lookout Lagoon: Another playground full of sprays, bubbles, and water cannons, the Lookout Lagoon will definitely keep guests busy!

Pipeline Paradise: Ride the awesome waves of this water ride that simulates real waves!

Mondo Monsoon: You and three others will hop inside a raft and swirl down a dark funnel before falling into the pool of water below!

Zoom Flume: A water park favorite, this water ride is for the whole family at once!

Paradise Plunge: Four body slides let guests try out any new moves as they slide down into the pool below.

Thunder Falls: Grab a tube and head to Thunder Falls, a ride that will send riders right and left until they reach the pool beneath them!

Rendezvous Run: You will need a mat for this one as you slide though darkness before splashing into the pool below.

Tropical Twister: An enclosed body slide, the Tropical Twister will be a ride you will want to ride over and over again!

Pineapple Pipeline: Three side-by-side, enclosed tube slides will send you free falling!

Splash River: Another lazy river, Splash River allows guests to float or tube along through the park!

Live Entertainment
Let It Rock: This classic rock performance will boast classics from rock legends like Journey, Foreigner, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and more!

Peanuts Party in the Plaza: Party with all the characters from Charlie Brown in the middle of the park!

Cirque Imagine: Watch performers as they display incredible acts of strength, balance, and athleticism!

Down Home Country: If you're a country music fan, you won't want to miss songs from classic country stars like Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and more!

Off the Charts: A live band will put on a show with some classics from today and yesterday!

Peanuts Gang Meet and Greets: Meet and take pictures with the Peanut stars of Charlie Brown!

Snoopy's Barnyard Friends: This experience will allows children to pet more than 60 animals including chickens, ducks, rabbits, sheep, goats, alpacas, and more!

Fireworks: Come watch this incredible display of beautiful fireworks at the park!

Dinosaurs Alive!
Kids and adults alike will love Dinosaurs Alive!, the world's largest animatronics dinosaur park. With over 65 dinosaurs and plenty of interactive experiences, all guests are sure to find something that interests them!

Not only will you get to experience King's Island Theme Park and Water Park, you also get to stay two nights in the hotel of your choice! Whether you and your family are looking for a quaint hotel room or a more luxurious suite, you're sure to find just the room that suits your needs. Book the Cincinnati Weekend Getaway Package for a perfect family getaway! 

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