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Creation Museum near Cincinnati, OH

2800 Bullittsburg Church Road, Petersburg,, KY. 41080
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A one-of-a-kind museum which introduces visitors to the miraculous process of creation with numerous allusions to the Bible, the Creation Museum in Cincinnati makes for a great way to explore the wonders of nature.

Spread over 60,000 square feet, the museum has been designed by a former Universal Studios exhibit director and combines state of the art technology with a child-like wonder to recreate an almost surreal experience. You can view over 160 exhibits at the museum which include a collection of murals, several computer generated visual effects and over fifty rare species of animals. The mythical Garden of Eden is home to an array of chameleons, dinosaur bones, a number of fossils and mineral collections. You can also visit Noah's Ark to relive the experience of being at complete harmony with animals, even as the urgency surges around you. The Dinosaur garden employs animatronics to create giant sized dinosaurs, which are so life-like to look at, that they are bound to startle an unwary visitor.

Children will delight in the collection of sculpted dinosaurs and can also befriend the triceratops called Sarah, who will even pose for pictures! The three outdoor gardens are home to an array of animals and plant life which are selected in keeping with the garden's unique theme. The tropical garden is home to turtles while the vibrant hues of the hillside garden attract a large number of dainty butterflies. You will also find carnivorous plants like the Venus Fly Trap and the Pitcher Plant in the Bog Garden. The parks also include picnic pavilions where you can stop for lunch. If you're looking to travel light, you can stop by at Noah's Café for a light snack or a refreshing beverage.

The Stargazer Planetarium is a must visit with its rocket launching pad style seats, where you can embark on a 22 minute visit to the stars via the state of the art projector. You can also stop by at the Dragoon Hall Bookstore for informative videos, gift books, bible dictionaries and several other research materials.

The Creation Museum is open from 10 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday. Admission is charged at $19.95 with special discounts for children and seniors.

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