Chicago Pedway Walking Tour

Chicago Pedway Walking Tour

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In the Cultural Center
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Walking in a place that you have never been is something that is in the best for you as a person. Walking is something that helps a person really get an understanding of the place that you are visiting.

There is a ton of information that is out there when it comes to the way that the city is. There is information out there that makes it where the places that you are visiting is something that is amazing and has been looked at deeply so that there is an understanding of the art that was there and that still is there.

This 90 minute walk through tour is something that has amazing art and history behind it which is something that makes people want to take photos and take their time walking through it to look at everything that is on the walls for them to see. This is all something that has made it where they are interested in something that connects to the city that they are in and is something that they might be interested in taking photos of.

Not only is there art but there is a sort of beauty that goes along with the city that most find interesting when they are looking at it. All of this is something that is good for the whole family to do that way they can become connected with the city that they are in. Having some background knowledge is also a must because they have to understand some of the history that is there in order to know how the city came about when it was being created back in the days.

Explore Chicago by following the heated tunnels, walkways and passages that connect the city's famous landmarks and buildings. Your comedic guide takes you on an interesting, informative and humorous walk while highlighting Chicago's well-known and lesser-known landmarks from a different perspective.

Connecting many of Chicago's famous landmarks is a network of heated tunnels, bridges, passages and walkways. Your guide will take you on a 90-minute walk through these passages, highlighting a different side of Chicago.

Your guide doubles as a comedian and will give you a historical and interesting perspective on Chicago's Pedway that dates back to WWII. You'll hear the story of how Mayor Richard J. Daley acquired the famed Pablo Picasso sculpture, and see the portion of the Pedway where the Dark Knight was filmed.

Chicago Pedway Walking Tour: Saturday 10:30
Available 11/24/2018 until 6/29/2019 View Detailed Schedule
This 90-minute pedway tour leaves from the Fairmont Hotel lobby
Chicago Pedway Walking Tour: Winter 2018 10:30
Available 12/1/2018 until 5/11/2019 View Detailed Schedule
A 90-minute indoor walking tour
Chicago Pedway Walking Tour: Monday/Thursday 10:30am
Available 11/19/2018 until 8/29/2019 View Detailed Schedule
This tour operates on Mondays and Thursdays and departs from the Thompson Center.
Chicago Pedway Walking Tour: Saturday 1:00pm
Available 11/24/2018 until 8/31/2019 View Detailed Schedule
This 90-minute all-indoor Pedway Tour leaves from the Fairmont Hotel lobby

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