Guide to Rock Climbing in Chattanooga

Rock climbing is a great sport for the adrenaline rush it delivers, as well as the feeling of pride and satisfaction of completing a hard climb of a rock face. Chattanooga is one of the best places to go for rock climbing and is considered by most to be the best rock climbing for the region for both beginning and experienced climbers. If you are headed to Chattanooga, then you will probably want to check out rock climbing for a great new experience.

Foster Falls

Foster Falls is one of the best places to go rock climbing for experienced climbers. It is considered to be the best climbing destination in the Southeast for people that do a lot of rock climbing. It also offers a scenic sport climb for those less enthused by the more difficult climbs that the cliffs offer. It doesn't require much equipment, just a rack of quickdraws and maybe a 60 meter rope.


Sunset Park

Another good rock climbing spot is Sunset Park. It has some great rock climbs for people with experience, and is one of the top southern sandstone rock faces. It has many routes that you can take that offer climbers a chance to decide for themselves where they want to go. This climb is best in the summer or late spring/early fall as it is out of the sun.


Tennessee Wall

One more experienced rock climbing spot is the Tennessee Wall. This is a great winter climbing spot because the cliff faces the south so the sun will warm you. During the summer, the heat is nearly unbearable, so shy away from it unless you grew up on the equator. It is one of the more diverse rock faces, containing over 100 routes with difficulties from easy to difficult (5.5 to 5.13 grade). It is open all year except during hunting season, so be sure that to check into it before deciding to climb.


Walnut Street Bridge Climbing Wall

The Walnut Street Bridge Climbing Wall is a great learning tool for people that are not experienced climbers. You can show up any time during operation and go rock climbing, without having any experience or equipment. It makes a great family outing for sporting families that enjoy being active. This is the suggested starter course for the region before you try any of the other rock faces listed, especially if you don't have experience.

Rock climbers come from all over the southern states to visit this great rock climbing region, so if you are willing and able to try it, be sure to check into the Walnut Street Bridge Climbing Wall for your first climb. It will be a rewarding experience for you and will make you want to climb more and more.

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