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Charleston Promotions

Historical Charleston, dating back to the American Revolution, along with important Civil War events has a comfortable, chartered guided, tour ride with numerous historical landmarks, beautiful gardens, even a Colonial Plantation (if, selected) for you to join in for fun.
Available 92 days between Nov 1, 2018 & Mar 31, 2019 View Schedule
ABQ Scavenger HUnt
Next time you are visiting Charleston, make sure to download the Scavenger Hunt Adventure app on your Ipad or smartphone so you can guide yourself through the city with your family and friends to unlock trivia questions and follow the map to tourist attractions throughout the city.
Available 319 days between Oct 17, 2018 & Aug 31, 2019 View Schedule
Paddleboard Lessons
Paddle boards are a lot of fun and a great way to get around on the water in a way that you are comfortable, get a slight feel of surfing, and are able to see the ocean life in the water below you while you paddle on the soft waters.
Available 319 days between Oct 17, 2018 & Aug 31, 2019 View Schedule
Check that out!
Come join us on this guided walking tour of Charleston where you can enjoy seeing and learning about the Old Walled City, French Quarter, South of Broad Street, the Battery, White Point Gardens as well as view the old alleyways, take in the majestic architecture and breathe in the fanciful scents from the beautiful gardens.
Available 7 days between Jan 6, 2019 & Feb 17, 2019 View Schedule
14 Anson Street - Barn Location
This tour in Charleston, South Carolina is a private 60 minute horse and carriage ride; you will have the opportunity to learn of the history and to see the historic buildings which is a highlight of the tour and some of the places you can see are the Waterfront Park and the Pineapple Fountain.
Available 43 days between Dec 12, 2018 & Mar 24, 2019 View Schedule
The Old Walled City
Charleston South Carolina has a lot of history and some people know about and some they do not, for example there were two rebellions that were there and that is just some of the information their tour guide will share with them on their walking tour.
Available 167 days between Oct 17, 2018 & May 2, 2019 View Schedule
14 Anson Street - Barn Location
Take a private tour in an Old South Carriage with a licensed driver and local tour guide. You will have thirty minutes to sit back and enjoy the ride as your tour guide takes you to the hottest tourist spots in the city.
Available 298 days between Oct 17, 2018 & Aug 31, 2019 View Schedule
There is a chance for you to see Chareleston up close with your tour guide explaining the best places to eat and have fun with your family and friends as you stop to take pictures and film the beautiful city.
Available 227 days between Oct 17, 2018 & Aug 31, 2019 View Schedule
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