Darien Lake Amusement Park

Darien Lake Amusement Park

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For families that are looking for fun in the Buffalo area, Darien Lake Amusement Park is a perfect choice. This theme park features some of the greatest rides and attractions in the state, allowing guests of all ages to fully make the most out of their visit. Everything from water and thrill rides to family and kids' rides await, so there truly is something for everyone in the family. 

Thrill Rides
Rolling Thunder: Embark upon Rolling Thunder for an unforgettable thrill ride. This 7-story steel loop is sure to make you scream.

Boomerang: The Boomerang is a great choice for terrifying theme park adventures. The ride features a 125 drop, three loops, and 6 inversions.

Mind Eraser: This coaster features 4 different loops for tons of twists and turns along the way.

Motocoaster: From 0 to 40 in just 3 seconds, the Motocoaster ride gives guests an incredible experience combining the feeling of cycling with theme park rides.

Predator: The only wooden coaster at Darien Lake, Predator features the tallest wooden coaster drop in the state.

Red Hawk: If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to fly, then this ride is for you. You'll be strapped to a harness for an 180-foot drop with speeds of more than 60mph. 

Ride of Steel: The tallest and the fastest coaster in the state, Ride of Steel is great for those adrenaline junkies.

Slingshot: The Slingshot ride catapults visitors up to 300 feet into the air, with speeds that reach up to 80 mph.

Twister: The Twister ride spins guests all around for an unforgettable 'whirlwind of thrills'. 

Viper: The Viper ride features 5 inversions, a tunnel, and a 70-foot drop for an unforgettable thrill.

Blast Off: Be launched to the top of a tower in this classic ride. Blast Off features an 185-foot drop.

Family Rides
Rowdy's Heave Ho: Ascend the top of a tree in this kid-friendly ride, featuring a rotating tower and controlled vertical drops from 25 feet.

Hornet's Nest: The Hornet's Nest ride features dips and dives for a fun adventure.

Moose on the Loose: This classic moose ride is great for little kids.

Boat Docks - Midway Marina: This 30-minute adventure features paddleboards for a fun adventure.

Corn Popper: Spin round and round on this classic family ride great for all ages!

Giant Wheel: This classic Ferris wheel ride is bound to be a favorite among visitors of all ages. 

Grand Prix Speedway: Hop into one of the go-karts for a fun race against friends and family on this 2,000-foot track.

Grande Carousel: Choose your favorite animal and clamber upon it for a fun classic ride on the Grande Carousel.

Haymaker: The Haymaker straps guests inside baskets for a rotating ride perfect for guests of all ages.

Lasso: The Lasso is a classic spinning swing ride that takes guests above the park. 

Pirate: Climb aboard the pirate ship as guests are swung back and forth for a captivating ride.

Rock Wall: Put your skills to the test at the rock wall. Whether you've been rock climbing before or new to it, it is sure to be a fun experience. 

Silver Bullet: This ride features some high-level thrills for those who are adrenaline-seeking. 

Sleighride: Providing cool blasts of air, the Sleighride transports guests to a winter wonderland for unique, wavy thrills.

Tin Lizzy's: Drive one of the Tin Lizzy cars for a unique look into Lake Darien's past.

Bear Valley Bumper Buggies: The bumper buggies are Darien Lake's take on the classic bumper car ride.

Scrambler: Get dizzy and silly on the Scrambler. Guests will be spun around and around for ridiculously good fun. 

Kids' Rides
Beaver Dam Explorer: Climb aboard an amazing deep-sea adventure with the Beaver Dam Explorer. 

Bucky's Barrels: This pint-sized Ferris wheel is great for the younger kiddos who don't want to brave the big Ferris wheel just yet. 

Chucky's Mud Buckets: A Darien Lake take on classic teapot rides, climb into one of the mud buckets for a spinning adventure.

Critter Chase: Whether you climb aboard the dragon, elephant, or the ladybug, you're sure to have a fun time on this spinning attraction that takes kiddos 9 feet off the ground.

Darien Lake Railway: Choo choo! Climb aboard the Darien Lake Raileway for a fun, figure-eight train ride.

Hoot 'N' Holler: This mini roller coaster gives the kiddos a thrill. With twists, turns, and gentle drops, its an easy introduction to thrill rides.

Raccoon Rally: This mini version of bumper cars puts younger kiddos in control, pitting them against each other for a fun time.

Tree Stump Turnpike: Ride along with the kiddos in a mini adventure on a curvy course.

Wally's Weather Balloons: This hot air balloon themed ride allows guests to spin the basket to their own heart's content.

Woody's Whirlers: Mini swings provide fantastic fun for kiddos of all ages, so don't miss out! 

As well as fun dry rides, guests can also head to the water park at Darien Lake for a fun time. From flumes and water slides such as Grizzly Run and Shipwreck Falls to more intense rides like Thunder Rapids and Brain Drain, there's something for everyone. 

No matter what sort of adventure you are looking for, you and the entire family are sure to have an amazing time at Darien Lake theme park!

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