Story of God

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Story of God
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For a great time experiencing the Bible from Creation all the way to Revelation, make sure to check out the Story of God musical as it visits the Ozarks; this amazing display is not only family-friendly, but it is a meaningful way to explore the Bible and solidify faith.

About the Show

Creation: The first episode of the play details the process of Creation, where God creates the Earth and man in His own image.

Perish: In Perish, the first humans, Adam and Eve, are led into temptation and, as they commit the first sins, they are banished from the Garden of Eden. Sin is passed onto their children.

Consequences: Humans have committed sins for eight generations, and God punishes them by sending the floods. After the new God-promise is broken, He segregates humans from each other by changing their languages.

Faith: After choosing Abraham, God promises to him that he will have many children. One of these children will be a "blessing to all nations". Isaac and Jacob fulfill this promise.

Forgiveness: In Forgiveness, Joseph (the great-grandson of Abraham), is kept enslaved until he is given the position of the Pharaoh's right hand. Joseph forgives those who wronged him.

Rescue: Rescue follows Moses, who led the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery. After ravaging the lands with the ten plagues, God tells the Israelites to sacrifice a lamb, and when the plague passes over them, the Pharaoh frees them. Moses delivers the Ten Commandments, given to him by God.

Expectation: In Expectation, Israel is ruled by kings and false prophets. After punishment, God allows them to have a king, but they are told that a descendant of David will have the throne forever as the true king.

Pursuit: God gives a message to His people: stop worshiping false Gods and return to Him. Hosea is asked to marry a prostitute, but the Israelites do not listen and are punished. Some are taken as captives to other lands, while some find their way back to God.

Arrival: Episode 9, Arrival, follows the birth of Jesus Christ. The episode goes on to watch Jesus grow until John the Baptist testifies that Jesus is the Messiah, the one true king, and Jesus is led by the Spirit into the desert. He overcomes Satan to attain glory.

God - Man: In this episode, Jesus tells many stories about the Kingdom. He instructs people how to enter it, how to pray, and how to live in the name of the Lord. He taught them that belief in God and a true heart is the way to Heaven.

Kingdom: Kingdom follows the many miracles of Jesus performed throughout his lifetime. These miracles begin to cause jealous religious leaders to plot to murder Jesus.

Sacrifice: Jesus lays his life down for mortal sins. He tells the leaders that he is the Son of God. He is crucified and buried in a tomb. His disciples run, except for John and a few others.

Alive: Jesus is resurrected the Sunday after his crucifixion. He appears to his followers, telling them that he has atoned for the sins and they have been given new life through His sacrifice.

Indwell: In Indwell, Jesus tells His followers to “go into the world and make followers”. God sends the Holy Spirit to enable this to be done and the Church is formed.

Proclaim: In the 15th Episode, Proclaim, the Apostles go on to tell of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. A man named Saul speaks against the believers but is stopped when he sees Jesus. He then begins to proclaim about Jesus, traveling throughout the world to tell about the Gospel.

Home: Jesus tells His followers that He will return, resurrect the dead, destroy evil, and give His followers immortal bodies. John records all of it and tells the world that there will be a new world made where God will be with His followers. 

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