Parker Manatee Aquarium in Bradenton, FL

201 10th St W Bradenton, FL 34205
For those family who want to have adventure for you and your family then this is a place for you. Parker manatee aquarium is there to make you feel good. It is found in 201 10th street W in the city of Bradenton in state of Florida.

At the aquarium the following are attraction that you can see, there are the three manatee that attract the people to go there. These rare species of animals are an attraction as they are only found in Brazil. There is also water sports that are played there for both kids and adults. Sports like rowing attract many people to come to the place as they are able to go round and round as they see the many attraction at the aquarium. There is also cruise ship tour that takes you round the water as they are able to have party at the boat. Children are able to play and walk in the park as they look at the beautiful sunset. Also the biking around the park. Also there are events that are organized for visitors like the music concerts that helps to promote the park. Also there is art galore that are meant for people who want to know more about the aquarium.

There is manatee village that is associated with manatee, this place is cherished by locals who have always loved this place.

For those visitors who are visiting the park they should take good care of their children as there been cases of children getting lost. Also you can visit the village of art where you can also see different kind of art that you want. Visit here when you come to Bradenton

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