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Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, MS

Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, Mississippi is an ideal family destination.

This location is open to the public and provides a range of exciting activities to do for the entire family. Guests will be able to explore and learn about various marine life including a range of animals, plants and areas of the world. 

The Marine Life Oceanarium has been open for the 1950's and has provided guests with a range of activities from the start. Guests can explore a variety of interactive exhibits on marine life as well as mammal life. Animals of various types are available to watch and wonder about, but most importantly to learn about. Much of the location is dedicated to educating people about conservation and protecting the environment that the animals live in. Much of the marine life that is located here or talked about is endangered in some way.

Marine Life Oceanarium also provides a range of thrill shows and spectacles. There are a variety of entertainment functions located within the park, all providing interesting information about marine life during the show. Guests are encouraged to explore interactive animal habitats. Train tours are available that will take guests around the harbor area. 

Most of the attractions and the shows are located in sheltered pavilions, making it easy to visit year round. Marine Life Oceanarium is open all year long, except for Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. Visitors should find the appropriate time schedule for the month in which they are traveling as schedules are flexible.

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