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Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, MD

1 Safari Pl Baltimore, MD 21217
Located in the inner division of Baltimore City, is a hidden tourist jewel, the Maryland Zoo. The Maryland Zoo is covered by dense trees located in the center of Druid Hill Park. Maryland Zoo is a major tourist attraction for the City of Baltimore.

The Maryland Zoo's location gives visitors a very natural felling. It's like entering a jungle, or a safari trip. It's entrance is covered in huge, thick, luscious trees that create a natural canopy. The zoo invites everyone out to see the nature of the planet.

The Maryland Zoo offers animal exhibits from all climates of the planet. From the zoo's Lion's Den housing three lions. A Giraffe house that has a feeding station. A Elephant herd, that recently had its first birth is 2008. The stealthy American Bobcat, prickly Porcupines, Chimpanzees, the rare Chinchilla from South America. Even the Arctic Fox and Polar Bears, all the way from the planet's polar ice caps. The zoo also houses common farm animals. It even features a horseback ride for children to experience, under the safety and supervision of the zoo's staff.

There are so many different animals and species that the Maryland Zoo is home to, that you will feel like you are in every region in the world, at a single moment apart. If you would like to experience the great nature that our planet has to offer, you should consider visiting the Maryland Zoo for a experience that will thrill you for a return. The Maryland Zoo has a natural hospitality that will satisfy everyone, and even educate the little ones. Even the admission for children under two years of age is free.

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