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Appalachian Mountains near Atlanta, GA

The Appalachian Mountains is a vast mountain range located in the Eastern United States.

The Appalachians are actually a system of mountains that include thirteen provinces: The Maritime Plain, Maritime Acadian Highlands, Atlantic Coast Uplands, Eastern Newfoundland Atlantic, Notre Dame and Megantic Mountains, Piedmont, Western Newfoundland Mountains, Blue Ridge, Valley and Ridge, Saint Lawrence Valley, New England province, Adirondack Provinces and Appalachian Plateaus.

The mountain range spans from Kentucky in the southern region of the United States to Southeastern areas of Canada. The Appalachian Mountains take their name from the Native American village that was located near Tallahassee, Florida. The name was transcribed as “Apalachee” and eventually became “Appalachian.”  

The highest point in the Appalachian mountain range is Mt. Mansfield, which is an astonishing 4,393 ft in elevation and is part of the Green Mountains of Vermont. It sits between the towns of Stowe, Vermont and Cambridge, Vermont.

The water run-off for the Appalachian Mountain range empties into several different rivers that run through the range, including the New River Gorge and the Kanawha River, Hudson River, Ohio River, Cumberland River, Tennessee River, Ohio River and Mississippi River, and then emptying into the Gulf of Mexico.

There is a wide variety of wildlife that is unique to the Appalachian Mountains. There are five different species of tree squirrels that are native to the Appalachians, including the elusive Appalachian Northern Flying Squirrel. Beavers and black bears, along with wild turkeys, several varieties of owls and many different species of salamanders call the Appalachians home.

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