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Aspen is located in Pitkin County, Colorado, in the West Central part of the Rocky Mountain Region. Located 200 miles southwest of Denver and 130 miles east of Grand Junction, Aspen has an elevation of 7,908 feet at the city's base. Aspen is at the southeast end of Roaring Fork Valley, and is surrounded by White River National Forest, the home of the famous Maroon Bell mountain peaks. Composed of 3.66 square miles of valley floor, Aspen is encircled by the Aspen, Smuggler and Red Mountains.



As Colorado's 53rd largest city, Aspen has a population of 5,914, and includes the likes of such stars as Cher, Jack Nicholson and Goldie Hawn. Pitkin County has a population of 14,872.Climate. Aspen's pleasant weather is one of the reasons it is such a popular travel destination. With plenty of sunshine providing warmth, even in the middle of winter, Aspen is the perfect place to enjoy many outdoor activities. Summers are warm and dry, with occasional highs in the low 90s and frequent afternoon thunderstorms. Summer visitors should bring a jacket or sweater, because nights can drop to the 50s. Daytime winter temperatures in town are 20-40 degrees, while mountain highs are 10-30 degrees, but the sun has a surprisingly strong warming effect. Winter lows are below freezing. Fall is warm and dry with some snow and lots of fall color at the end of September and the beginning of October. Spring ranges from cool to warm, with some showers and late snows, with highs between 50 and 70 degrees.History. The Aspen area was the home of the Ute Indian tribe 8,000 years ago, when they called it 'Shining Mountains.' By 1891, Aspen became the largest silver production area in the country, and by 1893, had 12,000 residents. But in 1893, the United States returned to the gold standard, and Aspen died as a silver-mining town, clinging to existence solely as a ranching center. During the 1930s and '40s, skiing was born in the Aspen area, and was enhanced by Army soldiers who came from nearby Camp Hale for recreation. By 1947, Aspen had opened the longest ski lift in the world. Today, Aspen is known as a cultural, historical and sports center of the United States, as well as a chic, stylish resort town offering upscale lodging and shopping.Special Events and Festivals.

  • World Pro Tour at Buttermilk ' January
  • Winterskol Carnival ' Mid- to late January
  • Snowmass Mardi Grass ' Late February or early March
  • Food and Wine Magazine Classic ' June
  • Aspen Music Festival ' June-August
  • Independence Day celebration ' July
  • Dance Aspen ' July & August
  • Aspen Filmfest ' Late September
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