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Anaheim - Los Angeles, CA Movie Studio Tours

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Are you star-struck and want to see just how the movies and shows that you love so much are made? Studio tours will take you behind the scenes to show you how they make their magic.

Universal Studios Hollywood

  • Universal Studios offers a 45-minute tram tour that will take you past authentic movie locations, such as the courthouse in Back To the Future, a New York street where parts of The Sting were filmed, and areas where TV shows were shot like Leave It To Beaver. On this tour you will get a bit of the theme park thrown in as the shark in Jaws leaps out at you when you pass over a bridge and you will see how the studio simulates rain storms, snow and fog. The VIP Tour will take you on a more extensive behind the scenes look with a smaller group for a more intimate feel. The VIP Pass also lets you go straight to the head of the line for all of the rides and attractions at the Universal Theme Park and access to the VIP lounge.

NBC Studios

  •  Starting with the only television studio that offers tours, NBC offers the public a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of its television operations. This tour shows you the large warehouse where props are stored and constructions area where you will see craftsmen that are hard at work constructing realistic sets. You will be shown examples of special effects hardware and you'll take a peek at the wardrobe department. As you wind through the many hallways of this studio you will see the make-up department, the Peacock Store, and the parking lot where you may see one of Jay Leno's cars parked. After the parking lot you'll be taken to Studio Three where the Tonight Show is taped. Sit in the seats that the TV audience sits in and get a close up view of the set. The tour is a 70-minute walking tour and while there you may even catch a glimpse of a celebrity or two.

Sony Pictures Studio

At Sony Pictures Studio you will get a behind the scenes look at where movie history was made. This is a two-hour guided walking tour of the studio that was formally the M-G-M Studios where The Wizard Of Oz was made and Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune are still in production. You'll see the old classroom where Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney studied when not shooting and an apartment building where many stars stayed back in the day. See the scoring studio where background music is created for the movies they shoot here. You will see the sound stages where the movies are shot when not filmed on location and you may even catch a glimpse of actors and actresses walking between sets during a filming day. They won't let you leave without seeing the famous gates that have shown up in so many movies and shows from the past.

Warner Bros Studios

  • For a truly extensive and more intimate tour of a working studio you will want to add The Warner Bros VIP Tour your list. This is a riding tour where the back lot you see is the real deal. Your tour will begin with a 15-minute video giving the history of Warner Bros., and then you will hop on a small cart and ride to the new Warner Bros. Museum, which houses many of the movie memorabilia that you will love seeing. You will see sets from the past that are used for some of today's filming. After you are finished touring the back lot you will head for the front lot where the busy crowded area with dozens of giant sound stages, offices, and post-production buildings. Your camera will be taken at this point, but will be returned at the end of tour. They don't want any secrets to leave the lot before it is time for it to be known. You may find yourself on sets like ER, Everybody Loves Raymond and visits to look at props and see the post-production labs where actors re-do spoken lines. At the end of the tour you will then get to see the Warner Bros. Museum where only those taking the VIP Tour get to go. During your tour you have a very good chance at spotting elusive celebrities which will give you an extra thrill.

When coming to the Anaheim/ Los Angeles area for your vacation take the chance at seeing a star up close by taking a tour of the studios where their shows and movies are filmed. Seeing how your favorite shows and movies are made won't take the mystery out of watching, but will add to the excitement in knowing where and how they are put together.

Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Hollywood
Just as advertised we only had to go to the gate for entry... no muss or fuss. We had a great time and will definitely do it again.
Jamie Chang - Las Vegas, NV
Universal Studios Hollywood
So much to see and thrill. Great adventure!
Tanja Sälevä - Rovaniemi, Lappi
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