Pirate's Dinner Adventure Buena Park, CA

Pirate's Dinner Adventure Buena Park, CA

7600 Beach Boulevard Buena Park, CA 90620
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Pirate combat
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For thrills and adventure, bring your friends and family to the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Buena Park to enjoy a swashbuckling, Broadway-style musical full of action, romance, and comedy, in addition to a fun meal! Located on Beach Boulevard just down the road from Knotts Berry Farm and Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, this location is also situated close to the beach, making it easy to head out for your own pirate adventures after seeing what the pirate life is all about. This massive indoor pirate ship is definitely one of the most impressive pirate dinner shows in the Anaheim and Buena Park area. Come out to enjoy this splendid Orange County treasure!

The Ship
Set off aboard an authentically replicated 18th-century Spanish galleon measuring 46 feet long, 18 feet wide with 40-foot masts. The ship is anchored in a 300,000-gallon indoor lagoon with night sky lighting. Surrounding the lagoon is a six-sided showroom containing six additional ships, where you, your family, and your friends will sit to begin the show. This type of massive ship is powered entirely by the wind, relying solely on the square-rigged sails that are employed on the ship. The Spanish galleon ship is known for their carvel-built hulls and the squared and raised stern. The carvel hulls were used to create a stronger hull for the ship, providing more strength and support. The design of the galleon made for an unprecedented level of stability on the water and reduced wind resistance to the front of the ship, making them faster and more easily maneuvered ship. The vast ships were usually made from oak, pine, and other hardwoods and were very costly to make, requiring numerous expert skilled workers to work tirelessly for months to create these massive beauties. All of these qualities helped to create the timeless image of the pirate ship.

The Food
Arrive for the pre-show, and enjoy a wide array of complimentary appetizers, such as mozzarella sticks, fried zucchini, jalapeno poppers, meatballs, miniature fried tacos, and lil smiles, among much more options. After being introduced to the pirate whose section you will be cheering from, your group will be taken to their seats to begin the show and meal. The meal is one that will absolutely impress, with the three-course aspect making it more of a personal feel.

Start out with either vegetable soup or a delicious house salad, then wrap your taste buds around the mind-blowing entree, a never-ending supply of scrumptious baked chicken! Alongside the chicken is served with a delicious shrimp and vegetable skewer, mashed potatoes that are to die for, and mixed carrot and zucchini vegetables that will melt in your mouth. The children's meals are comprised of breaded chicken nuggets served with mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and a melon fruit mix.

For those sea dogs that are looking for a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free option for meals, fret not, there are accommodations for you, as well. Vegetarians are provided the same option for soup or salad, then the main course is made up of a squash ravioli with a special house made sauce and the same dessert is provided.

Buccaneers seeking vegan options will be given a dry house salad, followed by a baked vegetable tower that is drizzled with a deliciously mouth-watering balsamic vinaigrette, and a dessert of either mango or strawberry slushie.

For those landlubbers that need a gluten-free option, there is a choice of either vegetable soup or house salad for a starter. The entree is a seemingly endless supply of a deliciously roasted chicken leg and thigh and shrimp and vegetable skewer served with mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and either a mango or strawberry slushie for the dessert.

The Pre-Show
Make sure to get to the theater early for a pre-show, hors d'oeuvres, and appetizers, where you can meet and greet with some of the cast! You can enjoy some refreshing drinks from one of the beverage bars or peruse the booty and treasure overflowing at the bountiful gift shops. There is a pre-show that will introduce you to the characters and the story of the show, as well as which color of pirate you will be cheering for! The smallest scallywags in your group will be thrilled to learn about the seaport merchants' booths and the face painters located in the 'Pillage and Plunder Exchange.' Discover all new treasures in this shop, and bring some booty to your landlubber mateys after your trip to Pirate's Dinner Adventure to share your experiences with them.

The Show
The evil pirate Sebastian the Black has commandeered the audience and the beautiful Princess Anita. This forces the princess to charm the heinous Captain Sebastian and attempt an escape while she waits to be rescued by one of the six pirates, colored in Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, or Purple! Voyagers on each of the six ships the audience is seated in have their own fearless pirate mascot, whom they cheer on as the sheer madness and adventure unfolds with a cast of a dozen actors, singers, dancers, and stunt performers engaging in a bounty of action-packed exploits, accompanied by cannon blasts, pyrotechnics, and plenty of laughs! Take advantage of photo opportunities with the exciting scenery, and prepare yourself for a few surprise pirate encounters throughout the show.

Bring your kids and have a laugh, as would-be pirates of all ages are welcome to become a part of this epic and interactive show! Volunteers from the audience are selected at random before the show to participate in competitions and help entertain the crowd. Some of these lucky volunteers can even be sworn in and become a pirate! Enjoy this epic and entertaining battle between good and evil as you enjoy a mouthwatering meal. Guests are treated to a tantalizing feast of complimentary appetizers, soup or salad, their choice of entree, mixed veggies, and a tasty dessert. Savor some delicious chicken or just speed through your meal. Whatever your method of eating, you are sure to enjoy the feast served at this swashbuckling pirate dinner.

This pirate dinner adventure theater is perfectly situated close to hotels, theme parks, and many other interesting shows, like other dinner theaters and the Cirque Magique. This thrilling and adrenaline-pumping adventure is sure to please anyone in attendance, so be sure to buy your tickets to this extremely interactive and immersive dinner show. This is the perfect addition to any vacation and is most definitely a go-to for anyone with an affinity for pirates. Find a hotel resort close by to stay in, and you can arrive at your adventurous show within minutes.

So, all ye landlubbing mateys grab ye hearties, get your sea legs, weigh anchor, and set sail to the Pirate's Dinner Adventure! Just look for the Jolly Roger and large pirate head in front of the building! Get ye tickets soon, this shipshape show will fill up soon! 

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Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu


  • Complimentary hand-passed appetizers before the show
  • Garden Fresh Salad with house dressing OR Vegetable Soup


  • Treasure's Chicken: Quarter of roasted chicken with a shrimp and vegetable skewer and side of mashed potatoes and mixed veggies.


  • Tres Leches Cake


  • Coffee
  • Soda

*Vegetarian Meal is available upon request and includes vegetable lasagna, buttery mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and hummus with pita chips.

** Cash bar is available at all times.

Captain Kid's Menu

Captain Kid's Menu

  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Mac 'n Cheese
  • Fruit

We enjoyed it but you need to watch out when it comes to tip time. We bought our pkg thru vacations made easy and the tip was included.... The waiter laid another note down and i tipped him too. After a few beers, you sometimes forget and i think the waiters count on that to plus their tips up! Wife and i compared notes after and i called pirates.... They said the waiters know who should tip and who has already tipped.... We got our $$ back thanks to mgr michael.
4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating
-- Bob - Murrieta Ca
Food was great as was the show. Service could have been better.
4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating
-- Todd Maki - Sparks, NV
The dinner and show were beyond expectations.Our 7 year old grandson was picked along with some other kids to be part of the show.He loved it.
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Rae Clark - Arleta, CA
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