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New Attractions for your 2012 Vacation

Here at Vacations Made Easy, we’re constantly seeking out the best activities to provide vacation options for our loyal customers. Some of our newer adventures include one of the best waterparks in Kansas City, a magical theme park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and an underground zipline adventure in Louisville, Kentucky. We think you’ll love them!

The first Schlitterbahn Waterpark outside of Texas graced Kansas City, Kansas in 2009, and has been an extremely popular summer destination ever since. The unique park was built in such a way that it solves many of the annoyances associated with water parks. Remember tracking across that other water park, wet and shaking, bits of dried grass and sand sticking to your skin? With Schlitterbahn’s “Transportainment” system, you can hop on one raging, ocean-wave river and be carried in the warm water all the way across the park. Surf on a wake board, shoot down a darkened tunnel, then float with ease to the next exciting water attraction. The park is also the only one in the area to feature a water coaster, a scream-inducing splash machine that pushes you along using jets of water. For a break, swim over to the in-pool beverage bar or relax on one of the beaches and wait for the tide.

Did you know that your kids are famous in Lancaster, Pennsylvania? At least, they’ll feel like it when they visit Dutch Wonderland, a magical theme park that transforms your little ones into the princes and princesses they always knew they were. The park is a “Kingdom for Kids,” where children enter the castle façade, and are instantly recognized by the park’s staff as a long-awaited prince or princess. The park has solved the tricky height requirement situation by posting colored jewels that signify which rides are available for your kids. There are classic Ferris wheel, roller coaster and spinning rides that are child-appropriate, as well as family rides that everyone can try together. In the heat of summer, you can visit Duke’s Lagoon and cool off on the multi-level platform, which is littered with fun toys like slides, spray nozzles, jets and tipping cones. Keep an eye out for the park’s resident royalty, Princess Brooke, Knight and Duke, the purple dragon!

Everyone loves zip lines, but in Louisville, Kentucky, you can ride a zip line that is unlike any other. The Louisville Mega Cavern Zipline is the only underground zipline in the whole world. The adrenaline-pumping thrill ride takes you into the never-before seen man-made Mega Cavern, which twists over 17 miles beneath the city of Louisville. Five ziplines, a dual racing zip and three challenge bridges make for a serious adventure that you won’t soon forget. Not to worry, your initial training session, full-body harness, heavy-duty lanyards, safety clips and helmet will keep you safe from harm as you fly through the limestone cavern.

Whether you’re planning your summer vacation or just want a weekend getaway with the kids, we want you to have ready access to the best activities in the area. With these attractions and more, we hope to make your vacation easy!

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