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Offering vacation packages to over 200 destinations across the world, Vacations Made Easy is visited by a wide range of travelers every day. And with advertising on Vacations Made Easy you will be able to easily reach as targeted or broad a base as you'd like through cost effective online advertising that really works! Even if your particular product or service has nothing to do with travel, there are a variety of avenues to help you make a mark within your niche. Here's how:

Vacations Made Easy implements Google Ad Manager with ad space sold on a CPM basis. Through Google Ad Manager we are able to offer:

  • Built-In Targeting Options - Ensure that you are getting maximum efficiency from your ads by targeting ads to specific geographic locations, dates and times, and even operating systems
  • Rich Media Support - Use tags and detect macros
  • Multiple Reporting Options - Keep a close eye on exactly how well your ads are performing

To learn more about the power backing Vacations Made Easy's ad system, browse the full features of Google Ad Manager.

As for placement of ads on our site, we work with you to ensure that your ad is placed for maximum exposure to only the potential customers that matter to you. If you'd like to target prospective Boston college students, you could have your ad appear on every page dealing with Boston colleges and universities. Or perhaps you're in the business of selling outdoor sports gear. No problem. We can highlight you on pages dealing specifically with outdoor adventure, regardless of the location. Simply put, we cover a near limitless number of topics, and can custom tailor your ad placement so that it makes sense.

For more information on Vacations Made Easy's advertising program, simply visit our contact page, fill out the form, and choose the advertising option from the drop-down menu. For those that offer travel-related products and services, ranging from sightseeing tours and hotel accommodations to restaurants and general attractions, you are encouraged to visit our vendors page to see if being directly offered on Vacations Made Easy would be a better fit for your business.

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