Things To Do in Historic Williamsburg

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Historical conquests await you in Williamsburg, with famous early settlements to suit your pursuit of knowledge and early colonial history. Learn about the pasts of presidents, early government leaders, and influential revolutionists.
Things To Do in Historic Williamsburg
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Perfectly restored, the colonial area in Williamsburg has the best of America's early history stored up on its more than 300 acres of rural and residential areas. Talk with some of the "colonists," who have dressed up to represent the original Europeans, or walk over to the famous Great Hopes Plantation.
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Live the past in this extraordinary goldmine of rich history for the 17 century. Actors will walk the streets, impersonating the first settlers with habits, dialogue, and dress authentic to the time period. Learn everything you can about Jamestown through the old galleries, old film, and authentic documentation.
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Make history interactive with this fun museum exploration, featuring interesting exhibits, clear outdoor opportunities, walk through habitats, a science center, and an enormous aquarium. This museum makes learning historic facts fun by packing hands-on opportunities with past information.
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Book your tour in Ripley's for an extra dose of the weird in this fun walk through the world's strangest abilities and miracles. Gaze and explore over 300 different exhibits, including dazzling illusions and a 500 pound gorilla made up of nails. You'll be shocked by the oddities that await you in this experience.
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