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Nightmares Entertainment Inc in Victoria, BC

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Nightmares Entertainment Inc is widely regarded as one of the scariest attractions in Victoria, British Columbia, it is located on Government Street in Victoria.

There is plenty to see in and around British Columbia and visitors like its temperate climate. Whatever region you are in, each has its own particular attractions. If you fancy a scary afternoon out then the Nightmares Entertainment Inc might be the best place for you. It is located in Victoria's Old Town district and is open seven days a week from ten am to six pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday it is open until nine pm.

Nightmares Entertainments Inc puts on performances and shows and the admission fee of six dollars is relatively cheap if you like being frightened. The Company also houses a retail outlet which sells make up and scary clothes and masks for fancy dress parties or private performances - or simply as a reminder of the place.

Nightmare Entertainments Inc offers three nightmare performances, "The Hot Seat" "Madame Isabella's " and "The Unknown" if you want to be really scared then buy the special thirteen dollar ticket and watch all three performances, if you can stand being scared that much. You can purchase tickets when you get there or online at Nightmare Entertainments Inc and purchase your tickets. If you are not staying in Victoria itself then you can still visit this attraction because British Columbia has a great inter city bus service and there is also a good train service. Should you want something more romantic then you can always ride the ferry between cities.

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1215 Government Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1Y6
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