Top 9 Sedona Adventure Tours

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Brighten your vacation with a pleasant trip through the Sedona countryland surrounding its city area. Feel the warm Arizona breeze and bring your camera to take pictures of the red rock formations. There are many options to choose from, and many have a tour guide.
Top 9 Sedona Adventure Tours
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Start this unforgettable tour with a scenic drive through and past sights like Oak Creek Canyon, Ponderosa Pine forests, dormant volcanoes and the Navajo Nation before driving through the cliff walls of Glen Canyon and down to the base of the Glen Canyon Dam, where you will float through the Colorado River and see soaring wildlife, colorful rock formations, and hear folklore, human and natural histories. Hop out of your raft to enjoy a picnic lunch and explore Indian petroglyphs and end your combination tour at Marble Canyon and historic Lees Ferry.
Available 57 days between Now & Oct 1, 2015 View Schedule
Enjoy local landmarks and famous sites, raft through the powerful and beautiful Colorado River, discover small hidden canyons, and ascend 4,000ft from the bottom of the Canyon in a helicopter on this amazing combination tour! See Oak Creek Canyon, Hualapai Indian Reservation, and Historic Williams while learning trivia and stories about the different sites and landmarks you pass!
Available 19 days between May 26, 2015 & Sep 29, 2015 View Schedule
Climb through Schnebly Hill Road and Bear Wallow Canyon, and enjoy panoramic views of Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona that lie 2,000ft below, and hear stories of early Sedona pioneers as you tour Munds Wagon or Huckaby Trail. This is a fantastic scenic way to see some the best sights of Sedona and the surrounding canyon area.
Available 314 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
Enjoy views of the Painted Desert, North Window and Rain-God Mesa while hearing entertaining stories and informative trivia about the Navajo people and their customs, history, culture, and the landscape that has served as a backdrop to numerous western films. Visit Monument Valley Tribal Park and see red rock formations that have inspired everyone from Hollywood directors to Navajo Medicine Men over the years.
Available 135 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
Explore beautiful red rock formations and the surrounding canyons as your trained guide takes you into the Dry Creek Basin, narrating your trip and telling you numerous bits of trivia, and stories of moonshine and murder at the old Van Derin cabin, where you can relive early cowboy functions and life. This is a fantastic informational tour for the history or Western lover in your family.
Available 314 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
Travel with excitement through several areas in the Sedona region, each featuring contrasting terrain and beauty. The first part of the tour will take you to the rocky regions of Chicken Point and Submarine Rock. Once you're done, you can continue to the incredible Mogollon Rim, which stands around 2,000 feet up from your starting point.
Available 314 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
Climb up into this powerful 4x4 Jeep to see the carved terrain beyond. The jeep has a unique engine and body perfectly capable of taking up the steepest of trails. Depending on what part of the tour you're on, you may be pleasantly cruising or roaring up the side of a peaked hill. Take along your camera to capture it all.
Available 314 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
This amazing tour combines an exciting off-road adventure on a Jeep and a relaxing horseback riding excursion, and takes you to see Coyote Canyons and the Valley's wine country all in one tour! You will see the red rock formations and scenery that make Sedona famous, and be sure to bring your camera to capture these breathtaking views.
Available 314 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
Enjoy the best sights of two tours and visit sites that include a historic trail once traveled by General George Crook during the Apache campaign in 1871, Apache's Seven Pools, Schnebly Hill Road, Bear Wallow Canyon, and set foot on the Jordan, Teacup, or Thompson Trail to relive what it was like to be a Pioneer long ago. This is an amazing scenic tour, and is perfect for the history lover in your family!
Available 314 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
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