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For amazing fun and a great experience in Sedona, you may choose one or more of these exciting attractions to entertain and amaze you. You'll learn plenty of facts from the various offered tours, and the sights of Arizona will come alive to you.
Top 10 Sedona Activities
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Sing along with the cowboys inside with your friends as you enjoy both talented entertainment and a dinner featuring cowboy beans, chunky applesauce, sliced beef or chicken breast, and much more on a tin plate. The hearty dinner will have you full in no time. If you come before the dinner, you'll be able to do some cowboy activities.
Available 104 days between May 27, 2015 & Dec 27, 2015 View Schedule
Begin this unforgettable tour with a drive through and past sights like Oak Creek Canyon, Ponderosa Pine forests, dormant volcanoes and the Navajo Nation before driving through the cliff walls of Glen Canyon and down to the base of the Dam, where you will take part in a float trip through the Colorado River and see soaring wildlife, colorful rock formations, and hear folklore, human and natural histories. Hop out of your raft to enjoy a picnic lunch and explore Indian petroglyphs and end your combination tour at Marble Canyon and historic Lees Ferry.
Available 56 days between Now & Oct 1, 2015 View Schedule
Enjoy landmarks and famous sites, raft through the powerful and beautiful Colorado River, discover hidden canyons, and ascend 4,000ft from the bottom of the Canyon in a helicopter on this amazing combo tour! See Oak Creek Canyon, Hualapai Indian Reservation, and Historic Williams while learning about the different sites and landmarks you pass, on land and on the river!
Available 19 days between Now & Sep 29, 2015 View Schedule
Discover hidden secrets of the Grand Canyon and it's many vistas by exploring the interior of the canyon, personally experiencing the grandeur of the canyon walls and the depth of the landmark under the guidance of an experienced, seasoned tour guide that will provide knowledgeable and entertaining trivia about the sights you will see on this hiking tour. This is an amazing tour to take in the vastness of the Grand Canyon, but it isn't for the faint of heart! This hiking tour calls for preparation to hike a 1,000ft elevation change, so be sure to wear your best walking shoes while taking this tour!
Available 28 days between May 28, 2015 & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
Enjoy a scenic tour that starts off with a historic ride from Red Rocks of Sedona, through Oak Creek Canyon and the Ponderosa Pines in Flagstaff, and head up to Sunset Crater National Monument for unforgettable views of the Grand Canyon, as well as lava fields, Wupatki National Monument, the Navajo Reservation, and make a stop at the Historic Trading Post in Cameron. Make sure to bring your camera on this beautiful Grand Canyon tour!
Available 311 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
Learn the difference and significance of "Sacred Earth" and "Medicine Ground" on this fantastic Vortex Tour that explores the presence of power-spots called "Vortices" in the Sedona area. This tour is a fantastic and scenic way to take in the red rock formations of the surrounding areas while learning trivia and explanations of the metaphysical phenomenon that is "Old as the Earth itself."
Available 311 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
Journey into Navajo Country and learn about the customs, culture, and history of the people that inhabit this enchanted landscape while listening to entertaining and informative stories about the Navajo people, and the scenery that has served as a backdrop to numerous western movies. Visit Monument Valley Tribal Park and feast your eyes on red rock monoliths that have inspired Navajo Medicine Men and Hollywood directors alike.
Available 134 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
Visit magnificent sights that include the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Cathedral Rock, Oak Creek Canyon, Bell Rock, and Tlaquepaque, and hear the story behind Sedona's remarkable setting, as well as visiting multiple Vortex sites. This is a fantastic scenic tour, so be sure to bring your camera to capture the beauty you will see.
Available 311 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
Take in the sights of the scenic red rock formations, surrounded by seven canyons as your expert guide takes you into the historic Dry Creek Basin and tells you stories of early cowboys at the old Van Derin cabin. This is a fantastic tour for the Western culture lover in your family, as well as a great way to see scenic red rock formations and vast canyons.
Available 311 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
Take your pick of numerous hiking trails based on your fitness level and be transported to the beginning location of Devil's Bridge Trail, Cow Pies Trail, Dow Mesa and more on an open-air Pink Jeep. Be sure to bring your camera to take in the amazing sights of the red rock formations and terrain that will surround you throughout your hike.
Available 311 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
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