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River Walk in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio River Walk is a Tour Stop / Pick Up for the following tours:
Take the Grand Double Decker Tour for an exciting way to see the city of San Antonio on a historical journey with a live narrator.
We also offer a detail of most tour stops, drive bys and visits with our Tour Connections page.
The River Walk is San Antonio's central location of social activity throughout the day and night.

From San Antonio's beginning this river has served as a lifeline for the city, today nourishing the area with tourism more than actual water.

You'll find a wide variety of dining, entertainment and shopping options surrounding the River Walk, making it a place that nearly everybody can thoroughly enjoy. Whether you're looking for a quiet night of dinner and a stroll along the Paseo Del Rio or a raucous night out at Coyote Ugly,  all of this and so much more is readily available to you with a visit to the San Antonio River Walk.

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The River Walk is a great place to visit when traveling in San Antonio
Ashley -
My family and I decided to go to San Antonio a few years ago, and it was honestly one of the best vacations I've ever gone on! The highlight of the city is the River Walk, which celebrates all the events you see above through its hundreds of restaurant and store venues. I know I'll go back I loved it!
Matt - Phillipsburg, KS
The River Walk is a great place to visit when traveling in San Antonio
Ashley -
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