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New York Aquarium in New York City, NY

Even if the New York Aquarium wasn't the only aquarium in New York City, it would most likely still be the one you'd want to head to first.

You'll find more than 8,000 aquatic animals in realistic environments, providing the perfect place to experience and learn about aquatic wildlife from around the world.


From Sea Otters and Walrus to giant whales and dangerous sharks, there's a sight for every member of the family at the New York Aquarium, and with a variety of environments, from sea cliffs to salt marshes, you're sure to see all of these exciting animals in their natural habitats. Just because you're in the big city of New York doesn't mean you can't explore the wild. Let the New York Aquarium take you around the waters of the world with its many exciting exhibits.

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New York Aquarium
Boardwalk West & West 8th Street
New York City, NY 11224
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I love the ocean and everything about it so of course I'd want to visit the aquarium! It was great!
Carrie French - ST.AUGUSTINE,FLA
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